Matt Walsh and Transgenderism and Vladimir Putin and Ukraine

Matt Walsh and Transgenderism and Vladimir Putin and Ukraine The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Conservative commentator and children’s book author Matt Walsh was recently invited to appear on Dr. Phil’s show to discuss transgenderism, and the results were pretty fantastic.

Walsh points out, for instance, that we’re not entitled to our own preferred pronouns anymore than we’re entitled to our own adjectives. And insisting that everyone else refer to us in precisely the way we want them to or else be discarded as a hateful bigot is just plain silly and deluded.

But consider with me if you will the implications of our ongoing divorce from reality and what it means as Russian forces sit poised on the border with Ukraine, or as China threatens any day to invade Taiwan and crush whatsoever country tries to stop it.

It is a sign of our cultural decadence and decay that so many of us are more afraid of drag queens destroying our careers and social lives than we are of World War III.

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