Biden Projecting Weakness Again in the Ukraine

Biden Projecting Weakness Again in the Ukraine The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

With Russian forces amassing on the border with Ukraine, the world watches. Threats of consequences are traded back and forth between Vladimir Putin and leadership in the UK and the US. It appears as though any day now we will see Russia attempt to take over their neighbor and install a puppet regime there friendly to Moscow.

Will America and her NATO allies do anything to stop Russia? Time will tell, though it appears unlikely.

Yet Russia and China are doing precisely what adherents to the philosophy of peace through strength predicted they would when Afghanistan was surrendered to the Taliban so haphazardly last year. And I fear we are going to see a repeat of that debacle as I read reports this morning that the U.S. State Department is signaling its inability to evacuate American citizens from Ukraine, encouraging them to secure their own transportation out.

Compare and contrast Russia laying claim to Ukrainian territory on the grounds that Russian-speaking persons live there on the one hand, with on the other hand actual American citizens – men, women, and children – being told for the world to hear that their own government cannot get them home when it tells them to evacuate Ukraine with their families.

Do or Do Not, There Is No Try

In the face of increased Chinese and Russian aggression, we need to be instilling confidence in our allies. Yet how much confidence can our allies be reasonably expected to have in us when we do not even secure and extract our own citizens as our adversaries advance?

Just when we should be projecting strength we are projecting weakness. And this I maintain is a symptom of the judgment our country has brought on itself by divorcing itself from objective reality and the God’s truth.

In thinking ourselves wise, we have become fools. Our foolish hearts are darkened. But if you thought America was bad, just wait until you see the alternative.

Yet there is a silver lining here if we are not stubbornly insistent on being fatalistically passive. And while it may not seem like much, the coming vacuum of authority which our present failed leadership invariably portends means Americans with courage, sense, and good judgment need to prepare themselves to step up to the plate soon.

If those countrymen do not so prepare themselves, only then are we sunk. In the meantime, we should view the current happenings with a view to learning all the lessons that can be gleaned from them so as to not repeat the mistakes unfolding in real time before our eyes.

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