Evangeline Lilly, the Canadian Trucker Convoy, and Justice Breyer

Evangeline Lilly, the Canadian Trucker Convoy, and Justice Breyer The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

[CORRECTION: Evangeline Lilly actually posted about her support for the Canadian trucker convoy on her Instagram, not Twitter as I stated in the audio for this podcast. As it turns out, Ms. Lilly’s Twitter account has been largely dormant since the summer of 2021.]

Believe it or not, the big story here is not a well-known Hollywood actress getting on board with protests against vaccine mandates and lockdowns, nor the supposed backlash among fans allegedly calling for her to be cancelled as punishment.

They Would Rather Cover the Actress Than Her Contention

Though Lilly’s star power support is welcome, and the clamor to destroy her career in retaliation is itself the most outrageous feature of that whole business, the bigger story is that tens of thousands of truck drivers are already in or else en route to Canada’s capital city Ottawa to shut the city down.

This seems bound to be a kind of big rig version of classic 1960’s era sit-ins – a protest against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government which has devastated that country and its economy in the name of fighting the spread of COVID, and has had the temerity to tease using all the lessons learned through COVID to combat Climate Change.

As the son of a semi-retired truck driver, I’ve long held that truckers deserve more credit, bringing goods to market which we depend on for every day life, yet by and large thanklessly and without much notice paid by the rest of us. I wish our big rig captains of the road up north well. In their effort to liberate the land of maple syrup and hockey from tyranny, they are doing something epic and heroic.

Hopefully their loyalists don’t come south to find refuge in the U.S. But the demands of this protest include nothing less than Trudeau’s resignation.

Meanwhile, that same corporate media which is calling for the destruction of an actress and which was slow to cover this protest – and which has been reluctant to cover any of the other massive protests around the world against the COVID lockdowns – will happily present and amplify calls on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan for the twin sins of being more popular than they are and talking about, among other things, this Canadian truck driver protest.

Blue Collar Folks Rigging the Political Process In a New Way

Perhaps we should have the audacity of hope that it’s just time for the English speaking world – in Canada, the U.S., and maybe even Australia, if that can be arranged – to get on the right side of history already and throw off the shackles of our globalist overlords and their petty tyranny. And let’s do it for the children while we’re at it.

These tyrants like so many digital Mary Antoinette wannabes have placated us with on-demand entertainment and misdirection.

“Let them eat VR cake” they say, even as they collapse our economies and force our children to wear masks and endure story-time outside in the cold of winter, or throw husbands and fathers out of work if they refuse experimental COVID vaccines and an endless number of follow-up booster shots because the first one clearly didn’t work.

I join Evangeline Lilly in wishing the Canadian trucker convoy well, and I hope they succeed. But even if they don’t, perhaps these power-mad safety czars are cruising for a bruising, at least in America.

Tea Leaves and Totalitarian Safety Czars

The announced retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer so President Biden can appoint his successor before our mid-term elections in November more than implies that Democrats expect to lose at least the United States Senate to Republicans, but perhaps the House of Representatives as well.

At last count, 42 current representatives have announced they will not seek re-election this November. And of those, 29 are Democrats and 13 are Republicans.

Though our ultimate hope as Christians is not with princes or politicians, it is still proper to hope and pray for a change in the leadership of our countries so we can live peaceful, quiet lives under authority which rewards those who do good and punishes those who do evil instead of the other way around.

End-Song Credit: ‘Drive-By Truckers’ – ‘Where the Devil Don’t Stay’ 

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