A Theory Concerning Cancel Culture

Joe Rogan, Spotify, and Why Everyone is Getting Cancelled The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Joe Rogan is in some hot water with the Left – ostensibly for conducting interviews with cancelled scientists, physicians, and experts whose disagreement with and criticism of the official response to COVID is being dubbed “misinformation.”

Aging rockers like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have pulled their music from Spotify to protest that music and podcasting platform not sufficiently censoring Rogan’s content.

I think the corporate media meanwhile is actually up in arms because The Joe Rogan Experience is more popular than their programs.

We Can All Do Better

For his part, Rogan released a 9-minute and 43-second statement video on Instagram yesterday which as of the publication of this episode was already at nearly 7-million views. And in his response to the controversy, Rogan admits he could always do better, yet finds the furor about his interviews with COVID policy dissenters odd.

These are just conversations. Rogan just wants to get at the truth and be honest. He just wants to hear what other people think who have something to say so he can learn from them. 

The episodes aren’t carefully scripted – they’re natural and free-flowing long-form dialog. And that’s just why so many folks tune into them. 

Speaking for myself personally, I believe we need to protect that and encourage more of the same, not stamp out the last vestiges of it.

But of course, the powers that be are not having it because they gave up on substantive, meaningful dialog a long time ago in favor of carefully curated soundbites and the kind of marketing tactics Edward Bernays pioneered and Machiavelli would have approved of.

Where Cancel Culture May Originate

All the same, the whole business has me thinking about why it is cancel culture has such a hard time with dissenting views and meaningful dialog. 

I have a theory, and it has a lot to do with worsening marriage and childrearing trends in America over the past several decades.

The home really is the test-bed and laboratory for getting along with people you don’t always agree with about important decisions that effect you all. And when that training ground for civil discourse has little kids growing up seeing their parents fight and separate because they didn’t know how to kiss and make up and work things out, all of society spirals down with successive generations of folks who only know one outcome from conflict – separation and banishment.

And in the spirit of such realizations and theories, today and tomorrow I begin writing the first chapter of my next book – ‘And This Is Why We Got Married.’ So stay tuned for more on that in the weeks and months to come.

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