Spotify’s Updated Platform Rules

Spotify's Updated Platform Rules The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Have you read Spotify’s Platform Rules? I thought I had, but then a new notice started appearing yesterday morning when publishing my latest episode on – a Spotify property.

So I clicked there, and read through everything. And I copied and pasted the whole page into Microsoft Word so I could highlight and underline the wording of certain sections which seemed odd, or overly broad, or cryptic.

And all together, the juxtaposition of such things as barring the promotion of violent extremist organizations and their symbols with “promoting dangerous false or dangerous deceptive medical information” needed unpacking.

Given the fact that I want to talk about everything, I naturally also wanted to talk about these updated Platform Rules. Here you go, then. And let’s be sure to talk about the context of The Joe Rogan Experience in the crosshairs of the corporate media and angry Leftists.

That same notice is popping up on again today, and I trust it will for some time to remind content creators like myself to be tireless and diligent with our self-censorship.

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