It’s Like Using a Brand New Buick for a Garden Tarp

Like Using a Brand New Buick for a Garden Tarp The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

“It’s whatcha D-O do with whatcha got that counts,” as the wise old owl says in one of my favorite childhood movies, ‘So Dear to My Heart.’ 

The song these lyrics come from comes to mind as I recall an analogy to describe the contrast between establishment media and all its resources over and against smaller independent podcasters and journalists when it comes to reporting on current events and their corresponding scientific components.

Potential and Utilization

It’s like a rich man buying a brand new Buick with all the amenities then using it as a garden tarp to kill grass and weeds before tilling and planting, if for no other reason than to have all his neighbors see him flaunt his disposable monies.

And suppose the rich man with the extravagant show of wealth started berating a poorer man in the neighborhood for riding his bicycle to pick up groceries for himself and other poorer members of the community.

The rich man would be right to point out that his Buick is a much better vehicle. He could make lots more trips in a lot more comfort and style carrying a lot more groceries. Only he’s not. That’s not how he uses his car.

Meanwhile the poor guy with the bike may have a much humbler mode of transportation. But he gets where he’s trying to go because he wants to. And just so, the guy with the want-to easily gets props from most of the folks in the neighborhood in a way the rich jerk with the Buick never will so long as he loves flexing on everyone around him more than actually serving someone besides himself.

That’s what I would compare establishment media like CNN trying to mock and censor individual podcasters to.

Whatcha Do With Whatcha Got

But I’ll leave the wise old owl with the last word as an encouragement to the folks out there like myself who are going to keep on trucking anyway.

“You gotta start with whatcha got
If whatcha got ain’t such a lot
To make the most of whatcha got
Here’s what I recommend

You start by a-tryin’ and applyin’ your best
If you try, there ain’t no denyin’
There’s a way to feather your nest, Hey!

You gotta add how whatcha do
And multiply by whatcha do
You think you can’t win
But you do
And you get that dividend”

So keep the faith, fellows. And don’t let the bastards grind you down.

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