Answering Professor Higgins on Why a Woman Can’t Be More Like a Man

Why a Woman Can't Be More Like a Man The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

“Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” So sings Professor Higgins, played to perfection by Rex Harrison in the 1964 musical ‘My Fair Lady’ starring Audrey Hepburn. 

Intentionally or not, such is a tidy summation of the real war on both women and the whole concept of womanhood. Here is radical egalitarianism in a nutshell for you.

Women should not need to become men in order to be valued, respected, esteemed, and validated by society.

Yet modern secular progressives call enslavement liberation and liberation oppression when they insist that for a woman to be content with the role of wife and mother she has abandoned the fulfillment of her full potential. 


In the past century, American society has believed too much of such drivel on the grounds that experts dished it up for us with very sober looks on their faces while speaking soft words in a very grave and serious tone.

Loving expertise, following the science, and earnestly desiring the achievement of all we were made to be, it is a wonder that we so rarely if ever stop to consider the foremost expert in every field, including what it means to be a man or a woman – the Lord God.

Calling God as Expert Witness

Who else but God could tell us where the science leads that we must follow? Our Creator knows better than any and all of us what our created purpose was and is and ever will be.

Thus the simple answer to Professor Higgins’ question is that a woman can’t be more like a man because God gifted woman differently. He suited her for a different set of critically important tasks – namely, being a wife to her husband and a mother to her children, and keeping the home.

Yes, yes. Some women do not marry or have children. And perhaps sometimes God calls women as well as men to life-long singleness.

Yet we have normalized perpetual bachelor and bachelorette-hood in a thousand ways by denigrating marriage. At the same time, we have spiritualized de facto singleness as a matter of course, as though to be unmarried necessarily is or will be the more pious thing. Have we all become Roman Catholics and I missed it? 

But not content with that, we now have real oppression on our hands. Now the most celebrated women are actually men, and we watch such faux-females beat out actual women in every sport.

The spectacle mocks the whole egalitarian project better than a thousand conservative theologians and philosophers could have ever hoped to.

But it feels like Professor Higgins got his hands on the levers of power and culture in this country, and answered his own question in the affirmative – ‘a woman can be more like a man.’ 

Few have the courage to laugh for fear those same levers of power will be pushed and pulled to destroy us if we do.

The War on Womanhood

Our ancestors knew what we have tried like mad to forget – that there is a deep and stubborn problem with this whole business. Whether we are talking about radical egalitarianism, gender theory, feminism, or transgenderism, we have borne witness to a total war on womanhood.

It’s all pretend and make-believe to suppose any of this is healthy or functional.

And while we fix our eyes on such illusions, we wander around in the desert chasing mirages until we finally stumble dying to our knees from dehydration when it turns out we need women to be women in order for society to function.

Be sensible, Professor Higgins.

God designed the woman to be a woman. That’s why she can’t be more like a man.

So also, a man cannot be a woman – nor should he ever wish to be. Neither should a woman ever wish to be a man. Nor should we wish they would wish it.

It all comes down to whether we are content with God’s design. And that in turn goes back to whether we think God should be the authority and expert. 

As Jeremiah Burroughs puts it in ‘The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment,’ we count all our little afflictions of so much more account than our many great blessings. And in choosing to fixate on all that dissatisfaction, we make the blessings of no account as they lie fallow and uninvested, unfruitful, unenjoyed.

No wonder we’re all so miserable and self-medicated and disconnected.

Yet there is hope, and it comes in the form of embracing authentic masculinity for men and boys and authentic femininity for women and girls; it comes in repenting of all our rebellion and grumbling against God for not having done it the way we think best.

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  1. Satan hates women. Period. He probably hates women’s periods. Satan is completely mad. I call him Loopy Lucy.

    I think he is LGBTQ+ etc. etc. This would explain the current problems.

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