Mark Wingfield and Public Education and Parents, Sara Foster and Masks and the Super Bowl

Mark Wingfield and Public Education and Parents, Sara Foster and Masks and the Super Bowl The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Executive Director and publisher for Baptist News Global, Mark Wingfield writes February 7, 2022 about the plight of public education as American parents nationwide assault the rights of Leftist teachers and administrators to indoctrinate their children.

Titled ‘It’s time to stop the insanity that is killing public education,’ Wingfield excitedly decries American parents doing such laudable tasks as opposing CRT and the propagation of LGBTQ+ and Gender Theory ideologies, objecting to actual pornography being shown to children in the name of “sex education,” complaining about the teaching of evolution, or even just running for school boards across the country to make a push for more conservative educational experiences for their children.

One can only imagine what Wingfield would say to Sara Foster – daughter of Canadian musician, composer, arranger, record producer, and music executive David Foster.

As Amanda Harding for The Daily Wire reported February 14, Ms. Foster took to Twitter the day after the Super Bowl to call out politicians and celebrities for their rank hypocrisy in mandating masks in LA County, especially for schoolchildren, while at the same time packing into SoFi Stadium with 100,000 other people entirely unmasked for the world to see without an apparent care in the world.

Meanwhile Mr. Wingfield at Baptist News Global is here to accuse concerned parents across America of being racists and white nationalists if they try to take the schools back from radical Leftists for the sake of their children. After all, what else could explain it?

The masks, Gender Theory, CRT, evolution, the sexual immorality – it’s all of a piece.

And this is why we homeschool.

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