Whether Criticizing the Government Response to COVID is Terrorism

Whether Criticizing the Government Response to COVID is Terrorism The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has definitely not declared open season on the most basic freedoms of Canadian men, women, and children either actively protesting continued lockdowns and mandates related to COVID, or else actively supporting the protests. 

Trudeau’s administration declaring a national emergency is most certainly not a move to silence dissent or crush his political opponents at the grassroots level.

Nor is Trudeau moving to force compliance with his government’s efforts to freeze bank accounts or tow vehicles or suspend private insurance for the trucker protests in any way, shape, or form in violation of Canada’s founding documents and overall legal strictures on what the government can and cannot do to its citizens.

The Canadian men, women, and children earnestly yearning to be free are most definitely terrorists in clever disguise, and Justin Trudeau cannot afford to negotiate with terrorists. Freedom is actually slavery, and truth is a lie, and love is hate, and nothing about any of this should bother you unless you selfishly want people to die.

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Fortunate for Trudeau, Canadian law and order has an ally in President of the United States Joseph R. Biden. 

Why just last week our glorious Department of Homeland Security put out a bulletin reassuring our peaceful Republic that the public good will be safely guarded from a new and very dangerous acronym called MDM.

Like MBP (Man-Bear-Pig), MDM – which stands for “mis-, dis-, and mal-information” – is most definitely real, and is most certainly out to get you. 

What is considered MDM, you may ask? The Biden administration in conjunction with Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas tell us in the latest National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin.

In short, MDM may or may not be anything from criticizing the glorious revolution to disagreeing with our fearless leader to opposing freedom-loving activists in government who simply want to take everything you own and redistribute it to people they feel more deserving at home and abroad.

Sowing discord and division – in an election year no less – will only subvert Democracy, and we certainly wouldn’t want that.

Therefore, in the interest of unity, violators who are found to be spreading what is regarded as MDM online may find themselves put on a terrorist watchlist alongside other latent white Christian nationalists, such as parents who show up at their local school board meeting to disagree with the tenants of the glorious revolution being taught uncritically to their children.

The future looks bright and sunny, folks. 

Please, please, please don’t cancel me.

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