These Men Who Have Turned The World Upside Down

These Men Who Have Turned The World Upside Down The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Carl R. Trueman published a piece in WORLD Magazine yesterday titled ‘Decadence on display: Depravity is no disqualification at Biden’s Department of Energy,’ not so much taking President Biden and his administration to task as scrutinizing the #NeverTrump evangelical arguments regarding the last election in light of where we find ourselves now.

With the appointment of “queer activist” Sam Brinton, it is right to question both the lipstick and the pig as well as those who are silently ignoring the oinking noise in the barnyard.

They were warned that insistence on so-called equality would soon give way to some of us being more equal than others, and yet did not care. 

Judging by their silence, the #NeverTrump evangelicals still do not care – not about things like consistency and testimony, in any event. They loudly decried the bad orange man for four years and counting yet have said not a word about Biden and cross-dressers with hybridized fetishes being trotted out as fearless leaders.

One can be forgiven for wondering on many fronts whether we need more fearful leaders of the type who fear God rather than men.

And this brings me to the topic of a question asked by a listener from Ohio, currently in talks with a pastor friend of his about what the Christian response to someone announcing themselves LGBTQ should be.

Is it unkind for me to suggest the appropriate Christian response would be a different kind of “coming out”?

I’m not saying we should be unkind. And that’s the Devil of it for you. We all race to qualifying and apologizing for our loving truth. But why do we apologize for calling grave-digging implements what they are, as if encouraging someone to not dig their own grave means we really do hate them?

Our fear of man shows through when we are more chilled by what the men of Sodom might do to us if we plead with them to not rape the angels who came to get us and our family out of the city than we are the incisive analysis of Romans 1 and Ezekiel 33

We should wish instead that what was said of Paul and Silas in Acts 17 would be said of us too.

“These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also, and Jason has received them, and they are all acting against the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, Jesus.”

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