New Furniture for the Kiddos

New Furniture for the Kiddos The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

I recently ordered some new furniture for our six older sons – triple bunk beds replacing double bunks, hopefully made of sturdier stuff, plus also some new dressers to keep everyone’s clean clothes more easily put away. And with selling our home in Montana this week, we’re now changing out our daughter’s furniture as well.

Maybe it sounds silly, but I find rearranging and swapping out furniture to be a kind of simple pleasure in life, particularly when the new arrangement promises to better serve the people I care about.

Whether the pieces are new or used is somewhat beside the point. For that matter, even just moving the pieces we already have from one side of the room to another, or from one room to a different room is often sufficient to freshen things up and gain new perspective.

If you ask me, there is something almost therapeutic about finding tangible ways to experiment with greater efficiency and work flow with how we engage our spaces and what we do in them.

So we did, and so we are.

Some of the pieces we’re swapping out have been in-service now for about a decade, seeing particularly heavy service, particularly in the case of our boys furniture.

At the same time, some of the pieces we’re acquiring and have acquired are used. It doesn’t matter. Or at least we don’t mind. The fact that we’re working on the whole thing together is in itself a good kind of team-building exercise, I think; and that too refreshes our perspective, plus provides physical exercise.

But sometimes there’s just nothing for it but to get new furniture. Other times the current arrangement bears a little tweaking.

Either way, it’s the thought and principle of the thing that counts. And that is worthwhile whatever the furniture in question is and wherever it goes.

If nothing else, such efforts serve as a kind of gesture to my wife and children that I am considering them afresh on a regular basis, particularly as they grow older and their interests and priorities mature and change. Plus the same gives them an opportunity at cultivating that mindset toward myself and one another.

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