A New Day Dawns in America as Roe v. Wade is Overturned

A New Day Dawns in America as Roe v. Wade is Overturned The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

God be praised! A day many assumed and too many claimed out loud would never come finally did come yesterday. The precedent set by the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which made legalized abortion “the law of the land” for nearly five decades, has now officially been overturned.

The harshest critics of Donald Trump have for years impugned the character of American Christians like me. We openly voted for him in 2016, then continued to support him through his 4-years in office. Then we encouraged friends and family to vote for his re-election.

The Never-Trumpers called us sell-outs. They alleged that we had prioritized politics over principles, and no longer cared about either character or righteousness. But Trump pledged himself early on to nominating Pro-Life judges to the Supreme Court. And these Justices, the Donald told us, would subsequently overturn Roe v. Wade.

Trump, as it turns out, was as good as his word. Moreover, folks like me said outright what were our reasons in voting for and supporting Trump in the first place. And those reasons are why we are celebrating today.

In my estimation, we have been vindicated. The naysaying mountebanks can now eat their words. Their apologies are now due.

Meanwhile, the American Left didn’t get what they wanted. Now they are openly plotting terrorism, threatening to assassinate Supreme Court Justices, and more than just implying an ambition to burn down the Supreme Court building in our nation’s capital.

They can rage if they want to. And let them pay the consequences in full measure too.

The Leftists demonstrate by such unreasonableness that they cannot be negotiated with. These are precisely the sort of people to whom a stable nation cannot afford to cater. They should not be allowed to hold hostage true justice being done in this country because they clearly have no idea what it is.

Whatever they feel or threaten, the overturning of Roe v. Wade is just and right and good. No, I’m being too mild to say that. This decision is arguably more just, right, and good than any other single development in this country in all the 35-years I have lived as one of its citizens, since I myself was born in 1986.

My only regret in this is that Roe v. Wade being overturned does not mean abortion is outright illegal across the U.S. hereby. I whole-heartedly support a nationwide ban if and when one comes, however, and I hope that one follows shortly.

All would-be victims of murder should be afforded equal protection of our laws and society. For too long, those most innocent among us – the as-yet unborn – have been deprived of such protections in the case of legalized abortion.

Moral Equivocation No More

For now, many Red States will make abortion illegal in their jurisdictions. Or at least if they don’t they will have no excuse for not doing so. And this is a very positive development.

So also this serves as proof-positive that those sternly in favor of moral equivocation about Republicans and Democrats are wrong to claim no meaningful difference between the two parties. You cannot get any starker a contrast than the one between life and death. And Democrats would never have delivered this ruling had Clinton or any other Democrat been elected instead of Trump, loading the Supreme Court with still more penumbra visionaries and imaginative progressives.

But in the absence of a national ban – at least as-yet – Blue States will see an influx of “abortion tourism.” Perhaps also reprobates from Red States will move to the Blue States they will feel more at home in. And this serves as further proof. Those seeking to terminate the life of their unborn children after the end of Roe v. Wade will go to Democrat strongholds to find their accomplices. Thus again, you cannot tell me there is no moral or spiritual consequence to voting for Republicans instead of Democrats.

Consequently, I expect the relations between Red and Blue states which allow or disallow abortion will resemble more now how the states which formerly allowed and disallowed slavery related to one another a long time ago. And perhaps that eventually boils over into another Civil War, or maybe it doesn’t.

Even here, though, if the first internal strife was justified on the basis of the equal protection of our laws for black Americans as well as white, only all the more would another such conflict – surely bloodier and costlier than the first, if it comes to that – be justified over the question of the equal protection of infants to those who are children of any age, or even adults.

It was the South that seceded and attempted to form its own country. And perhaps that would be just as well again – to let Democrats go their separate way if they cannot live peaceably as a part of the whole without a free hand to continue molesting and murdering children.

Regardless, the great crime of the last half-century has been that our youngest children have been treated like their intentional homicides at the hands of medical professionals and their mothers is acceptable, even when it does not come to that. Their rights have been regarded as non-existent unless their mothers wanted them. Our subsequent responsibility to protect them has been declared null and void, and this to our great shame.

At a certain point, then, our decision is either to say ‘No’ once and for all, or else to resign ourselves to the logical conclusion that none of our personhoods and lives are really worth preserving and protecting. And unfortunately, that is indeed what many have concluded – only all the more brazenly in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday.

Democrats and Slavery

Democrats since LBJ have presented themselves shamelessly for generations as being the party of personal freedom and speaking up for the rights of minorities – at least so long as those the Democrats claimed to champion would vote for them as a thank you.

But slavery to sin is no freedom at all. And that really is what we’re talking about here – especially when the sin in question leads directly to death.

Remember that it was Democrats who also defended the institution of slavery to the point of ripping the United States in two, but that it was Republicans who fought for an end to slavery in America. So also, it was Republicans who won the Civil War. And it was Republicans who fought the KKK and segregationists to demand equal protection under the law for blacks as well as whites in this country.

Yet the history we have been told has also all too often been in the hands of the Democrats. This is why so few know these facts. The Democrats tell what of history they please, and twist the rest as they like, and then they leave out what’s inconvenient to their agenda. Their Teacher’s Unions have hijacked the education of too many of our children who now are quite sure the history was opposite of what it was. Some of us were free of them, and we know better. And we seek to inform still more where the censors online have not yet figured out how to stop us. These things too need to be rectified next. The win on Roe v. Wade can only be the beginning if we want true freedom and self-government to endure in this country.

But imagine being angry right now, as the Democrats and their allies are. Imagine raging because unborn children will no longer be so cruelly disposed of. The tens of millions so far have not been enough for them, and neither will any number be sufficient. They believe so strongly in the “right to choose” to murder their children that they now publicly call for burning down our country in protest, then threaten violence to the Supreme Court when they’re finally told ‘No’ after all this time.

For too long, Democrats have labeled themselves amiss as “Pro-Choice.” Their souls so dark and twisted, they convinced themselves and too many of us that the natural alternative to their position was “Anti-Abortion.” And so they labeled their opponents, and held them at bay. But they got away with it insofar as they controlled the narrative, and were allowed to do so with impunity by establishment Republicans more concerned with their own comfort and profit than righteousness.

No, the proper distinction has always been between those who are “Pro-Life” and those who are “Anti-Life.” More apparent today than ever, judging by the reactions of the Left to yesterday’s decision, those who are in favor of abortion on-demand, everywhere and anywhere, for any reason whatsoever, and yet call it “healthcare” – they are indeed Anti-Life.

When the life of someone other than themselves is deemed inconvenient, or an advantage is to be gained by disposing of it, they are at any rate not actually “Pro-Choice.” And if they are not really for choice when the one whose life is being disposed of is thereby utterly deprived of all choice or say in the matter, then they are not truly ever the champions of personal choice they pretend to be.

But just so, watch for Blue States to expand access to abortion anyways until it includes in their boundaries even post-birth infanticide. This they will do just to spite and provoke and protest those who demanded any limitations whatsoever on their aspirations to godhood. And watch them continue to call themselves champions of liberty even as they demand yet more slavery to sin and folly where they hold sway.

The response must at some point be to tell them ‘No’ nationwide. We cannot just leave this question to the states.

Or what will we say? Are some kinds of murder to be left up to individual states to decide whether they will allow like slavery was? That the shedding of some innocent blood is acceptable to us in those precincts because we have merely shifted the argument from defending a woman’s right to choose abortion to defending a state’s right to do the same? God forbid.

Neither the mother nor the physician nor the states have the right to either actively or passively shed the blood of innocent children. And that must be kept in mind as we remember that there still remains a higher Court and a higher Judge to whom all mankind must someday give an account for all this blood shed on our watch and with both our knowledge and ascent.

Elihu James Turns 14

On a happier note, today is our second oldest son’s 14th birthday. Even now, my wife Lauren is bringing Elihu and our eldest son Josiah home from Gillette. These two of our seven sons have just spent this week with friends of ours in Savage, Montana – not far from where I was born in Glendive, and where we lived for seven years before we moved to Colorado.

But with Roe v. Wade overturned yesterday, plus Eli’s 14th birthday today, I am reminded that my wife and I were just two poor young college students when we first got married. Our oldest son Josiah was born 8-months later. A few short months after he was born we found out we were pregnant yet again.

Had we been completely different people, and reasoned like Democrats do, I shudder to imagine what we may have been tempted to do. In fact, I can’t even imagine having done other than we did. Nor do I want to. The thought is too terrible, and the stuff of nightmares compared to how we have been so blessed by the Almighty.

That is to say that we did, by God’s grace, choose life. And for all the things I could regret, I don’t regret that for a moment. Lauren and I have definitely made our share of mistakes, but having every one of these children was not among them. And so, with such considerations in mind, I celebrate the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and I could not possibly be happier about it.

Today a new day dawned in America. And I hope and pray that God does bless us in it, since His mercies are new every morning.


“Behold, children are a heritage from Yahweh,

the fruit of the womb a reward.”

Psalm 127:3

“Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”

Proverbs 24:11

“Righteousness exalts a nation,

but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Proverbs 14:34

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