President Biden Speeches Dark As A Dungeon

President Biden Speeches Dark As A Dungeon The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

If you voted for and supported former President Donald Trump, and especially if you would do so again, the speech current President Joe Biden gave in Philadelphia this past Thursday is a warning that not only do the Democrat and Republican establishment see you as wrong, they see you as dangerous.

More precisely, they see you as a threat to their vision of the American Republic. So what will they do under such auspices?

Only the good Lord knows, and time will tell. But suffice to say that embracing the idea that we would want to “Make America Great Again” is diametrically opposed to the goals and ambitions Progressives have for a future America which they believe will be better than ever.

To say COVID-19 or 2020 Election Fraud seemed a conspiracy designed to wrest power from conservative Americans, and those independents gravely concerned about the long-standing actions and intentions of the establishment in our government, Joe Biden clearly regards as seditious. And as the red lights cast curious shadows on Liberty Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania behind him, with two Marine Corps guards flanking the doors to that hall, it would not be an exaggeration to say the speech itself was dark as a dungeon.

Political Violence

Constant references to “MAGA Republicans” coupled with accusations of their stoking the flames of political violence have only one concrete event for a connection point – January 6th, and the entry into the Capitol Building by demonstrators who many of us have seen footage from several angles being let in through unlocked and propped open doors.

But political violence only counts in one direction, and nothing needs said of the FBI raiding the home of the previous, and potential future, commander-in-chief, hauling off mostly books and gifts and articles of clothing, or magazines and clippings.

Nor is it worth mentioning that the IRS is hiring tens of thousands of armed agents to provide better “customer service,” even as we all have heard how conservatives were singled out for special attention just a few short years ago by that same agency.

I suppose pregnancy centers and churches being vandalized and threatened after Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court can be lumped in as a consequence of MAGA Republicans too, in Joe Biden’s way of thinking. We brought that on ourselves somehow.

And so also the BLM and Antifa riots – which magically dissipated when Democrats reclaimed a tenuous grasp on political power two years ago, by the way. Those are our fault also. We provoked them by trying to destroy the Democracy by winning elections.

Highly Conditional Unity

Unity, then, means the Biden administration working hand-in-glove with social media to suppress whatever one party considers mis-, dis-, or mal-information online.

And the FBI can endlessly harass even the sitting chief executive in this country, so long as he is a Republican. Meanwhile, there’s no need to look into evidence of wrongdoing by this president’s son, so long as he’s a Democrat. But Biden works well with Republicans who are okay with that. 

If this all seems fishy to you, or upsets you, or you want the course of the country’s direction to drastically alter from this trajectory, you are not just misguided. You are not merely mistaken, but deplorable and even the gravest threat. Again, what will be done about that? Only the good Lord knows, and time will tell. But the gauntlet is thrown down here, and the lines have been drawn.

The only path forward acceptable to the contingent represented by Joe Biden’s speech Thursday is that we be quiet, vote for the establishment, and forget everything we’ve seen and heard the past several years. Put it all behind us, and let them chart the path forward – for the sake of Democracy and the Republic.

Funny, that. I didn’t think this is the way democracy and a nation ruled by laws rather than men is supposed to operate, or frame things. Yet here we are.

But dare I say it, men and women who think like me were not the ones who brought us here.

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