What to Make of the Controversial Doug Wilson

What to Make of the Controversial Doug Wilson The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

My wife recently sent me a link to a post by a certain Facebook page she encountered, ‘Examining Doug Wilson and Moscow, Idaho,’ which seems dedicated to exposing all the worst and nastiest scandals related to Moscow, Idaho pastor Doug Wilson.

Titled ‘A Timeline of Controversial Pastor Douglas Wilson of Moscow, Idaho’ – there is an ever-loving lot of material here in this particular post, complete with many insinuations as well as several links.

Having some experience with controversial pastors, and having myself been a somewhat controversial commentator on social, political, and theological questions, plus also having read and listened to and recommended Doug Wilson resources in recent years, I couldn’t very well decline to read through the link, particularly when my wife was the one who sent it to me.

What follows, then, is certainly the longest single episode of this podcast I’ve ever published, but it needs to be as long as it is. And if I thought I could get away with a longer episode still, I might try it.

Yet considering the average attention span, as well as time constraints, which are placed on me and you alike by virtue of life in the modern world, this will have to suffice for now. Perhaps in future some follow-up treatment of certain particulars is in order, but I trust my audience and the good Lord will give guidance regarding that.

Let me say for now, and up-front, that I like and admire Doug Wilson from afar, all the while recognizing that the situation on the ground can vary significantly from the carefully cultivated image presented online. That holds true for you and me, and it holds no less true for someone as intelligent and well-spoken as Wilson.

Yet all the more rather than less, because I like him there is a certain feeling of weighty responsibility in encountering a long list of accusations and allegations against him and his institutions.

May I never become accustomed to flattery or partiality, nor accused of the same. 

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