Columbus Day, School Choice, Internet Trolls, and Colorado’s 8th Congressional District

Columbus Day, School Choice, Internet Trolls, and Colorado’s 8th Congressional District The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Yesterday morning my wife asked why there were so many kids on our street who weren’t in school. The reason was Columbus Day, and we apparently missed it. Of course our kids were home, since we homeschool. But it turns out Columbus Day is still a federal holiday in the U.S., and I’m okay with that. 

In light of the fact that Christians are told to think on what is praiseworthy, and given that discovering the New World was kind of a big deal for everyone involved, the least we can do is setting aside a little time every year to appreciating what went into successfully launching the original voyage of the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María.

While we’re on the topic of education, my wife is getting ready to order the components for assembling our family’s second My Tech High computer science project. Our 14-year-old son Eli having put together a parts list, we’re going to substitute several pieces from what he selected compared with the past three builds I configured. But last year’s build went really well, and the thing worked perfectly on the first boot attempt for the first time in the history of my building computers. And I’m excited for us to have another soon, since we certainly have high demand for access in this house. With eight kids, plus Lauren and I, as much of the schooling and leisure time activities centered around the computer as we have, it will be put to good use.

Speaking of family, while their peers in the public schools are being treated to every kind of Leftist indoctrination, propaganda, and subversion of Christian morality, I’m all the gladder that my kids listen to my podcast and are developing opinions and positions with regards to so-called political issues. 

By contrast, my friend Dave Knoshaug recently checked out a book titled ‘It’s Perfectly Normal’ from our local library, which is being used as a textbook for sex education in our American public schools. He brought it to church on Sunday to show me. And, sure enough, there are cartoonish illustrations for the “10 and Up” student of a man and woman masturbating, and a fully naked couple having sex in a bed. 

And about sex and children, I recently commented on a political attack ad on Facebook against the Republican U.S. congressional candidate for Colorado’s 8th district, Barbara Kirkmeyer. She being called “extreme” for her stated desire to ban abortion nationwide without exception, I replied that what is really extreme is that infanticide has been legally permissible and protected for 50 years in this country.

To dissuade anyone like me from daring to engage in the public discourse again, the rudest and nastiest replies I got were from one woman in particular, and are indicative of the political divide in Weld County, the state of Colorado, and the U.S. more broadly. The open contempt shown for myself, my faith, and mi familia could not have been more apparent. And for what? Because I dared to call abortion what it is, the murder of unborn infants. 

Tell me you vote for the Democrats without telling me you vote for the Democrats.

But according to a recent piece at, this race could very well decide which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives for the next two years. And it’s a fairly tight one, between Yadira Caraveo, a Democrat from Thornton, and Barbara Kirkmeyer, the Republican from Brighton.

So we are put to a choice next month. Would we rather the U.S. look more like the states of New York and California, or more like Florida, Texas, and South Dakota?

Do we want more international incidents like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, or the fall of Afghanistan?

Are we okay with companies like PayPal fining us for wrongspeak online?

As for me and my house, my answer to these questions must relate to the emphatic commitment that we will serve the Lord. And that can only mean one thing for our vote, according to the dictates of my conscience, given our circumstances: we will vote Republican.

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