Romance Presenting Masculine or Feminine, The Rings of Power, and Doug Mastriano

Presenting Masculine or Feminine, The Rings of Power, and Doug Mastriano The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

First off, we have an entry from a YouTube channel called ‘truly.’ At 10 million subscribers, they are so edgy that they don’t even capitalize their name. But we are introduced by ‘truly’ to James, a young black man who needs to tell us he is straight, yet says at one point that he realized in high school that “it was just easier” to be gay and present as feminine. And by that, he apparently means largely conforming in exaggerated fashion to how women are expected to act, talk, dress, and make up their faces.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Maren talks about how she used to date only girls, and dresses like a guy, but now she likes to see how James is going to dress when they go out, and then she dresses to match.

Despite rejecting gender norms, it’s worth noting that both James and Maren are basically conforming to the new non-conformity. My wife and I, by contrast, could be said to be non-conformists to the new non-conformity by conforming to heteronormative monogamous marriage which is now allegedly out of style.

How do we factor into consideration of this what is said about God in Leviticus 22:5? Set aside talk of hating sin but not sinners and note that it does not just say that men dressing like women and women dressing like men is an abominable behavior; it says the person themselves who does these things is an abomination to our God.

Next we have a YouTube short from JustPearlyThoughts about most women not giving men a reason to marry. Typically not virgins, many have a kid. They don’t want to be wives either, but they do want a man to commit to them, even though 70-80% of the time women will be the ones who file for divorce. And When women divorce men, the courts favor them with custody and half the man’s material wealth. Men logically conclude that it’s not worth the trouble.

Meanwhile, Joe Rogan had a guest on talking about how there is a natural limit to the fermentation process which we have hacked in the modern era by selectively breeding hardier strains of yeast which don’t poison themselves to death so quickly as their ancestors did. The claim is that we are not prepared to deal with higher ABV beverages, and this is therefore poisoning us. But I would argue our troubles have more to do with a marked reduction in Christian civilization.

In other news, Galadriel is reportedly presenting masculine. She is the smartest, bravest, most confident, take-charge, and generally capable character by far, consistently shown upstaging all the males around. Also, Middle Earth was apparently much more ethnically diverse in the previous age. Amazon spent $715 million to produce this, and has taken a page from the Disney playbook in denouncing Tolkien fans who don’t like what they did with The Rings of Power.

I still have yet to watch anything more than the trailer, but am admittedly avoiding it after seeing what Bezos did to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time.

But Doug Mastriano wants to talk about the difference between him and his Democrat rival for Pennsylvania governor when it comes to the sexualization of children in the public schools, radical Gender Theory indoctrination, and school choice. And this is not a question on which parents or Christians can be silent or passive; but if the Republican party is going to endure, or be worth voting for, it needs to get right with God.

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