Unvaccinated Underdog Feminists Elect Floored Twitter Mortgage Moderation

Unvaccinated Underdog Feminists Elect Floored Twitter Mortgage Moderation The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

The floors in our rental house are getting redone Wednesday, which means everything on the main floor of the house has to be packed up and moved out of the way. Yes, this is disruptive, but not to no purpose. After three years living here, and now with Biblical Training Group meeting at our place every Friday night, we reckon as glad tidings even the moving of furniture, books, fabric, and computers for what we will get on the other end.

Discrimination, then, is not always a bad thing. For instance, discriminating against broken tiles and worn-out carpets is good. Discriminating against folks who refused to get the COVID vaccine, for instance, on the other hand, is not so much. But the Canadian province of Alberta has a new premier in Danielle Smith, and she has some thoughts on adding vaccination status to the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Speaking of human rights, an MSNBC pollster recently made what was doubtless, to the folks on the Left anyway, an alarming discovery. That is, Gen Z might just be against feminism. Methinks we should not be so surprised. They came of age amidst the #MeToo movement, after all. So when several responders expressed ambivalence, and one even used the language of ‘extremism’ to describe what she’s observed in popular women’s empowerment drives, it’s important to think of this in the context of young men being told they’re considered potentially guilty of rape until proven innocent, and young women are told all their potential mates are merely victimizers in disguise unless they follow a particularly unflattering script which will make most of them downright unattractive as a result, if it doesn’t cause them to throw in the towel entirely where romance is concerned.

But speaking of rape, mortgage rates have now risen past 7%, according to The Washington Post. And what this means is that homebuyers will not be buying like they were, nor will home-sellers be selling like they have been. As a result, the inventory of homes for sale will increase, as will both people wanting to buy and sell homes. Consequently, the asking price of homes will have to come down, even as both the inventory and mortgage rates goes up. This is what is known as supply and demand, folks. And it cannot be avoided with homes any more than with suitable future spouses.

The good news is that the latest polling for the upcoming mid-term elections here in the U.S. next week shows Republicans have a good chance of retaking both the House and Senate, as well as picking up five state governorships – in Wisconsin, Oregon, Nevada, Michigan, and Kansas specifically – for a net increase of 3 states nationwide, even as Maryland and Massachusetts are slated to flip blue.

Yet among the various attendant oddities is that Kathy Hochul, New York’s current Democrat governor, says she’s an underdog in her bid for retaining office in a state that’s not seen a Republican governor in 14 years. Specifically, it’s an odd look when the RCP average shows Hochul enjoying a 7.3 point lead over her Republican opponent, Lee Zeldin. Besides that, my question is why we should care so much who the underdog is or isn’t when he real issue is whose ideas accord more with goodness and truth, and therefore peace and prosperity.

But speaking of underdogs, Elon Musk now officially owns Twitter, as of SEC filings Thursday. And lest we suppose this will translate into an anything-goes hellscape on the social media giant, Musk has announced the outlines of a new content moderation strategy which includes a council comprised of folk with diverse viewpoints and ideologies. Don’t go feeding the trolls on account of it, but this is fine by me. The really important question is whether cross-examination of opposing viewpoints will be permitted to the end of truth and goodness getting a hearing again in the public square.

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