Reformation Day, Transgenderism, and How Unmarried Women and Generation Z Just Voted

Reformation Day, Transgenderism, Unmarried Women, and Generation Z The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

If we want young Americans, and single ladies in particular, to vote in a more conservative way, we’re going to have to encourage more of them to come to Jesus, get married, and have kids. But since we’re on the topic of revival and restoration of Christian life and thought in this country, let’s do brainstorm a better way to celebrate Reformation Day.

The Affair of the Sausages in 1522 was the event that launched the Protestant Reformation in Zurich, Switzerland. That’s when Ulrich Zwingli preached a sermon arguing in favor of Christian liberty where eating meat during Lent was concerned, and was present in the home of a certain local printer as sausages were served to guests in contradiction of tradition and prevailing norms for that time of the year.

This has me thinking Reformation Day needs to emphasize more the eating of meat in celebration of what happened five hundred years ago, as well as what it should mean to us.

Drinking beer would also be appropriate, by the way, since Luther’s wife was a brewer.

But let’s maybe also reenact the nailing of the Ninety-five Theses to the church doors – after updating it, of course. Among the things I think we need to object to more now, for instance, is the insufficiently rigorous Biblical teaching regarding sex and marriage, and how thankful we should each be for the great blessing it is to be born male or female.

More specifically, we need to get ahead of stories like Sinead Watson’s, which was recently told to independent journalist Andy Ngo. In her early twenties, Sinead, a Scottish woman, began hormone therapy and elective surgery to begin her new life as a man. Now that she has attempted to transition back to being a woman again, she lives with health problems, like bladder issues and a lack of sensation in her chest, where a double mastectomy removed her breasts. To hear Sinead tell it, she didn’t need surgery. She needed counseling.

So what is a woman? And what is a man? Matt Walsh recently sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss these and other related questions. And I don’t particularly care that Walsh got the number of gender transition regimens undertaken wrong. The point is that Christians must not affirm in even one such story as Sinead’s the folly and self-destruction inherent to sinning against nature and defiling our bodies so.

But we must go farther, I think. The exit polls show Generation Z voted for Democrats over Republicans by over 28 points. Meanwhile, 68% of unmarried women voted Democrat, compared with the 37% who voted for Republicans. 

I’m not saying we should celebrate single ladies and Generation Z more broadly getting married and having children so they’ll vote for the Grand Old Party, but it is to say that any comprehensive strategy for conservative revival and reformation in America must involve every area of life in order to be successful. And that has to include gender affirming care in a Biblical sense.

This is a package deal. We must both regard and approach it as such, recognizing the connection points between what we believe about God, maleness and femaleness, marriage, and having children, and how all of the above relate to voting patterns.

Therefore, first we need to get right with God through faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Subsequently, we need to embrace the virtues of men being masculine and women being feminine. After that, our young women and young men need to be strongly encouraged to tie the knot. And lastly, these young couples ought to be thrown enthusiastic parades and parties when they bear children to train up in the fear and instruction of the Lord, since those are sorely needed right now.

From where I’m sitting, the abandonment of faithfulness to God, marriage, and parenting is how we got into this social and political quagmire. Thus it stands to reason that the way back out again will be found in reviving our commitment to all of the above, in that order.

This, then, is a cultural project. No two ways about it. But that’s what the church is for. And that’s what the church needs to be about. 

If some smoked sausage and beer will help us gin up the courage to remind our local churches of that fact, it’s worth however many numbered and nailed theses we need to spell it out, because it’s time to remember that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and children are a heritage from Yahweh.

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