That is Who Ron DeSantis Is

That is Who Ron DeSantis Is The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

During the run-up to the Florida governor’s race several weeks ago, Casey DeSantis starred in a heartwarming campaign ad, and it really was an excellent thing. There’s just something to the look in her eyes, and the expression on her face, that seems very genuinely admiring of her husband, Ron DeSantis, as she describes how she knows him as her husband, and the father of their children.

And so I say that having a better, healthier example of marriage, and a young family, in the White House, would do America a whole lot of good, far more than many of us realize. 

Many will object that President Trump is strong on the economy. And, yes. I think they’re right. He is.

But tell me this. What is upstream of the economy? Simply put, the resounding answer is both marriage and family. Those, after all, are what good men have always fought, and bled, and worked, and lived, and died to provide for and protect. Without them, what is the point?

Along these lines, when Florida Republicans were polled recently, and asked about both DeSantis and Trump, the results weren’t even close. Many more would prefer DeSantis running as the Republican nominee for president in 2024. I think this fact is related to the way he manages his household.

Given what we’ve seen and heard from him thus far, the word that keeps cropping up in the compare and contrast between Trump and DeSantis is “discipline.” That is, DeSantis clearly has more personal discipline and self-control than Trump does. And that is no chump-change verbiage or ideal.

Nor is this a moot point when it comes to a holistic consideration of how to make America decent again – what I would insist is prerequisite to restoring American greatness.

Just so, what really caught my eye, in the results of that recent poll, was who Florida Republicans believe would be a better moral example, and who our young people would be better served to see in the White House for four years. The answer was DeSantis.

Speaking as the father of seven sons, and one daughter, I think this is for good reasons.

On the other hand, I watched My Dinner With Trump on DailyWire+ last week, and it was an indisputably good look for Trump and the members of his administration who were present. To see how their conversation sounds, and what the back and forth over a dinner is like – it makes me think it would not be the worst thing to have them back again.

But Andrew Klavan is also right, in something he said the day before yesterday. That is, Klavan says there’s a wager being made on both ends of the American political spectrum. The Left being driven so crazy by Trump, that is expected to gin up support and votes – both for and against him.

In other words, a whole lot of folks want Trump to be the Republican nominee just because he’s so upsetting to people they do, or don’t, like.

This, then, is why the Left not-so-secretly wants Trump to win the nomination. They don’t want him to be President. And they feel like they have his number.

More than that, though, I think the Left wants Trump to be the nominee because they don’t want any Republican to be president, least of all Ron DeSantis.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer says we need to grant citizenship to countless millions of illegal immigrants. Not enough Americans are having babies. What else are we going to do?

But I have a better idea. Let’s go the whole way on repealing Roe v. Wade. Enact a national ban on abortion. Thereafter, let’s force the Democrats to stop encouraging kids to become transgendered, or homosexual. And then we’ll encourage young people to grow up, get married, and have children of their own instead.

That will be a far sight healthier, and more sustainable – there’s that catch word – a trajectory for American greatness.

But whether Matt Walsh thinks it’s possible – and he doesn’t – the Supreme Court should overturn Obergefell v. Hodges. It was a bad decision to begin with. We all ought to want it to go away as soon as possible.

A pox on fatalism. Anything is possible at this point, particularly with God. After all, how many of us thought Roe v. Wade would ever be overturned? And yet it was.

Take note that “The Respect for Marriage Act” advanced in the United States Senate with the help of 12 Republicans. Nix that.

I say we ditch that kind of Republican, and prove instead that we respect marriage through more convincing means, by supporting legislation to encourage traditional marriage and the raising of families under God, and not equivocating gay marriage still further in a way that doubles down on abolishing the value which marriage was formerly held to possess.

Thus, and just so, to have a stronger example of marriage and family in the White House would set our country on a better path, and give us a stronger economy as well. And I think both Ron and Casey DeSantis could provide that, and then some.

I hear that is who Ron DeSantis is, after all.

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