Trump Rides Again, and How to Actually Make America Great Again

Trump Rides Again, and How to Actually Make America Great Again The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Trump announced last week, to exactly nobody’s surprise, that he’s running for president again in 2024.

Men and women, and Americans of all races – remember that the U.S. economy was good and strong for us all during his last administration.

Well, it was good and strong right up until COVID derailed it, anyways.

But Trump wants to reminds us that there was peace through strength back then, despite predictions we’d have nuclear war on his watch. Rivals and enemies abroad were kept in check, and America was feared even when it wasn’t always respected.

Wait. Does that still hold true if the Chinese Communist Party, with help from Democrats and Deep State operatives here in America, colluded to unleash a pandemic on the world to stop Trump from getting re-elected?

No matter.

Trump kept his promises! To the best of his ability, he made America strong, free, and glorious. Now he promises we will be a great nation again.

Yet there is no getting around the fact of our currently being in decline with Biden and the radical Left ascendant. And that too happened on his watch, despite his best efforts last time.

Yes, it’s true that we were energy independent during Trump’s four years in office. Moreover, we were headed for energy dominance.

And, indeed, Biden, by contrast, cancelled our pipelines, and made it harder for permitting to be approved for new oil and gas industry projects. And he’s drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which Trump had filled, to keep gas prices low so Democrats can win elections, even as he goes to countries that hate America, asking them to produce the oil and gas he’s made it harder for America to produce for herself.

But Trump pledges to end Biden’s war on American oil and gas on day one, if indeed he’s re-elected.

He also points out – rightly so, I think – that Ukraine and Afghanistan would have never happened on his watch. Biden, by contrast, falls asleep in conferences, and calls entire countries the wrong name in public. And British parliament held him in contempt for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan which was bungled with almost diabolical incompetence.

Nevertheless, Trump addresses the underwhelming Republican performance in the midterm elections. He admits much of the blaming of Republicans is fair.

But he doesn’t get into specifics. Instead, he emphasizes that many Americans don’t realize how bad things have gotten. They haven’t felt enough pain yet. But they will, in the next two years, realize they need him back.

I agree with that theory right up until we get to its conclusion, which I’m not so sure follows.

In the meantime, Republicans did retake the House of Representatives. And they did win 5 million more votes than Democrats overall.

Yet the task of making America great again is not for politicians, as President Trump says; rather, it’s for the American people, who must recognize the need for more than complaining, when hard work and a strong economy are the preconditions for our nation flourishing once more.

It’s not enough to be a critic. It’s time to roll up our sleeves. But Trump blames COVID coming from China for interrupting America rediscovering her greatness. And he talks about his Remain in Mexico policy, the border wall, and trade deals negotiated shrewdly. They completed that wall. Or were close to completing the wall? Anyways, Biden ordered the dismantling of the wall.

Trump deals in hyperbole, but he’s often right generally. He talks about defending the borders of other countries, but not our own border. Then he pledges to help Democrat-run cities with their crime problem, whether they want help or not.

He calls those cities “cesspools of blood,” and talks about trying to send in resources from 2016-2020, only to be rebuffed.

But now he proposes the death penalty for drug dealers and those caught selling drugs. If you can believe it, 500 people, on average, are killed per drug dealer.

So Trump talks favorably about quick trials for drug dealers in China, and same-day executions for guilty verdicts. Singapore doesn’t have a drug problem. Why should we? All that’s needed is to get tougher.

But public schools that teach Critical Race Theory will lose federal funding on Trump’s watch. And men will no longer be participating in women’s sports.

So also, Trump will rescind Biden’s COVID mandates for the military and government workers, and rehire those who were fired, and give them an apology and full backpay for the time they were out.

Did he mention he was a victim of the FBI paying for lies against him?

The Deep State’s politically motivated targeting and harassment of him put his family and associates through hell. So he’ll push for legislation to enact term limits for members of Congress, as well as banning insider trading for members of Congress. And we will have same-day voting, and only paper ballots, and all the votes will be counted on election night.

All will be well again in America. All will be great again.


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