Twitter Censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop Story Quite Literally Leaves Us Speechless

Twitter Censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop Story Leaves Us Speechless The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

When I talk about how good it would be if God’s Word informed our government on a more meaningful level, what certain people really hear is the “Right to Jail” guy from Parks and Recreation. Every minor infraction of good morals should be met with jailtime or the death penalty, if I get my way. 

Only that’s not what I’m arguing for. Not even a little bit.

On the contrary, something along the lines of James Woods suing the Democratic National Convention for contacting Twitter to remove his posts on false pretenses? That may be a little nearer the mark.

Partisan and duplicitous censorship damaged Woods’ reputation and brand, particularly when his posts were deemed to risk the election chances of Leftist candidates, or when he called for cleanup of corruption in our government. He also says he was blacklisted, as were other Hollywood conservatives who followed him. And if true, that is actually a quite serious transgression of Christian morality. Thus we should care whether it is true, and insist on accountability accordingly.

But if the United States government were more consciously conforming, and expected to conform, to God’s Word, I maintain that individuals like James Woods would not be having their first amendment rights infringed, even as their own reputations are destroyed, merely for calling to account government officials and political parties.

So also, I suppose, abortion would be illegal. And there would be no “gay marriage.” Nor would we be debating whether to normalize and celebrate transgenderism. And probably many other things would be different in a great way as well.

Yet I do have something against James Woods. That is, he told Tucker Carlson last week that John Adams was 19 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. These were teenagers who founded this country. And, well, that’s not quite true. John Adams was 40. Most of the other signers were in their 30’s and 40’s. 

Yet in double-checking Wood’s claim – which was almost certainly a slip of the tongue, by the way, conflating John Adams and James Monroe – I learned that nearly every signer of the Declaration of Independence was married either once or twice. And 16 of them had as many children as I have, or more. And, while we’re on the topic, if this were true of our government today, that there were more younger men in it with large families, I think that also would contribute to better government.

But the best that can be said for the FBI in all this is that they apparently know better than to leave a paper trail with Big Tech. When asking for the censorship of private citizens on behalf of the DNC, using tools that were originally developed to combat terrorism and the sexual exploitation of children, they do have some sense of prudence. Or perhaps self-preservation is a better descriptor.

But let us do remember, as we read reports of former Twitter executives bemoaning that Elon Musk is putting them in harm’s way by telling the truth, that Joe Biden repeatedly denied the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

And keep in mind, when we shrug about election interference and corruption in the U.S., that Twitter may have interfered in other countries as well, like Brazil.

Is this state of affairs really preferable to aspiring to a more Christian union, that citizens of supposedly democratic countries should be disenfranchised so, all in the name of preserving democracy?

I fail to see how.

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