After-school Satan Club, and Other Reasons to Marry a Conservative

After-school Satan Club, and Other Reasons to Marry a Conservative The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Standup comedian Yannis Papa says young men should probably marry a Republican woman, and I agree, particularly given his stated reasons regarding the rearing of any children you might have together.

Republican women, after all, are more likely to want to actually spend time with their children, and raise them. So if that’s important to you, you might just want to think about it, young men. Just think about it.

Literally Satanism

On a related note, WLWT in Cincinnati reports on after-school ‘Satan club’ in Ohio public schools, and across America.

Have I mentioned that book I wrote lately? 

And This Is Why We Homeschool.

When the best parents opposed can say is “This is a little hard to take in,” and the best the school district will do is write a letter washing their hands of the whole thing, you need to know what to do.

And what you need to do is get your kids out, and homeschool them instead.

Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift

By the way, speaking of kids who can’t read good, and wanna learn to do other stuff good too, Joseph Curl is of the opinion that Ticketmaster biffing the sale of concert access to Taylor Swift fans may just have convinced Zoomers of the value of competition and the free market.

As it turns out, Generation Z does not read, but they do listen to music! And when they can’t buy tickets to see their favorite singer on her latest tour, that gets their attention about economics and politics in a way dusty old arguments never will, however tried and true, since they are to be found primarily in books these young adults have never picked up.

What was I just saying about why we homeschool? Before we move on, this also is a reason.

Twitter Files

And while we’re on the topic of reading, you really need to take a good, long look at the highlights from this week’s installment of the “Twitter files.”

In the second batch, we see more of how the social media giant used tools originally developed to combat the sexual exploitation of children online to censor conservative commentators and other such individuals instead.

In the third part, we see more of the internal dialogue as even mere days prior to the 2020 election the censors at Twitter silenced not just journalists, but also the then-President of the United States, Donald Trump.

On the bright side, folks like me weren’t crazy. Nor were we making things up. Nor were we reading too much into this or that. So I suppose that’s nice to know.

In Conclusion

Wrapping up, here are some parting words of wisdom for you all:

  • Fear God, not man.
  • Marry a conservative, and love them well.
  • Have children with your beloved, and homeschool those children.
  • Then train up those children in the fear and instruction of the Lord. 
  • Study to show yourselves approved workmen.
  • Let your reasonableness be plain and evident to all.

Pursue good stewardship of what God has blessed you with in those areas, and you will be blessed. The wicked destroy themselves, but tell the righteous it will go well with them.

Keep the faith, fam.

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