Speaking Freely, and Who To Trust Regarding Current Events

Speaking Freely and Who To Trust Regarding Current Events The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Kari Lake Responds to Judge Who Sanctioned Her Legal Team in Lawsuit

From The Epoch Times, we hear news out of the state of Arizona this week, as it was announced that the Republican candidate lost, and the Democrat candidate won, despite the winner having also been Arizona Secretary of State, and therefore an overseer of the very election she herself was running in, since that in no ways represents a conflict of interest.

Kari Lake, as you doubtless know, is the Republican candidate who is also the certified loser. But she and her lawyers were impudently trying to get access to election records in a timely manner, ahead of certification of the results, so as to challenge irregularities, and what appeared very strongly to be cheating on the part of Democrats, which just couldn’t be possible, since everyone knows Democrats are for actual democracy, and as honest as the winter days in Alaska are long.

To quote Lake:

“This is not about me. I’ve said this all along; I’m just one voter, but I care deeply about Arizona. It is not fun to be in the middle of this, but we have no other choice. I have no other choice but to stand up and fight right now for the people of Arizona. If I don’t, who will?”

Though an Obama appointee, Judge John Tuchi remained unswayed by Lake’s rationale, keying in on the fact that questioning whether fraud occurred in Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial election may contribute to the wider public supposing that’s even possible, which might in turn undermine confidence in the legitimacy of Democrats. And we just can’t have that, because then there would be a mess to cleanup, and it’s easier to just sweep such things under the rug and let bygones be bygones already.

‘The Twitter Files’ Compromised After Lawyer Involved In The Controversy Was Behind Vetting The Files

From The Daily Wire, we also get the report that Twitter CEO Elon Musk has fired Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker this week after it was discovered that the former FBI agent was scrubbing documentation, before its transfer to journalist Matt Taibi, of any internal evidence of the FBI having been involved in decisions made by Twitter to censor journalists, conservatives, Republicans, and former President Donald Trump, as well as anyone else the Democrats just don’t like.

Of course, this is highly irregular, and also a threat to democracy, because it threatens the integrity of the FBI to question whether it should be in charge of investigating itself.

Also concerning is the notion that real journalism might come to mean characters like Taibbi doing radical things like following the evidence where it leads, and covering stories that are damaging to powerful institutions dominated by the Left, since everyone knows that at the core of legitimate journalism is presenting only stories, and only in such a way, that will further the Progressive agenda, because of course that is what is true and good and proper. And if you don’t agree, then I hope someone shadow bans you on all your social media accounts so I don’t have to actually form a cogent argument.

After narrowly winning reelection, will Lauren Boebert tone down her rhetoric?

Next, at The Denver Post, we are mercifully treated to the observations of political science experts in both media and academia, regarding U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, and how she only barely won re-election, and should probably get wise already to the need to be a good Republican of the kind who don’t taunt Democrats, or embarrass the polite conservatives who know their rightful place, voting to give the Left everything it wants, just at a slower pace.

As it turns out, not everyone likes Ms. Boebert, unlike most elections where a unanimous approval from all sides is expected and required to establish legitimacy. Some Coloradans are downright embarrassed by Boebert, and would like her to just stow it already. So of course she should, because that’s how politics works. Because science.

Hopefully a member of Boebert’s staff remembers to give her the memo soon, lest her ongoing antics undermine our democracy.

(Opinion) Other Voices: Don’t let Alex Jones hide

The Greeley Tribune, meanwhile, republished an opinion from the Boston Herald Editorial Staff. And about Alex Jones, who rails against upstanding members of our government trying to figure out how to turn amphibians into homosexuals. They really don’t like that guy.

Be it resolved, then, that Mr. Jones should not be allowed to declare bankruptcy, which he is currently trying to do, after a Connecticut judge ordered him to pay the parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting $1.5 billion for damage to their reputation, after he suggested in the strongest possible terms that the tragedy was a hoax, and they themselves were crisis actors paid by the Deep State to play their bit roles so the Left could take our guns.

As everyone knows, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution only protects speech we like from people who agree with us. Therefore, the Boston Herald Editorial Staff is quite correct in arguing that Jones should be destroyed in mind, body, and soul, or else financially, if that is the best we can do.

Iran Considers Easing Some Restrictions on Women as Protests Continue

Finally, The Wall Street Journal has some good news for us regarding the historic protests which have been disrupting the nation of Islamic Republic of Iran, sometimes referred to by its diaspora as ‘Persia.’ As it turns out, the Mullahs have been doing quite a lot of soul-searching about their morality police sexually assaulting, raping, and murdering women who appear in public without either a head-covering or male relative for supervision.

The conclusion the Ayatollah’s men have come to is that maybe, just maybe, they should ease up sometimes. Everyone gets carried away, and we should all just try to calm down. And is Ben Rhodes available still? He was a real pal a few years ago, and could maybe explain where they’re coming from in a way our Great Satan American minds can understand. Then too, maybe another airplane loaded with gold could be arranged.

Obviously, as the old saying goes, one has to be willing to crack eggs to make omelets. And that means also that sometimes the morality police have to be extraordinarily immoral, even sexually, in order to make sure everyone else stays on the straight and narrow.

Think of it like reverse psychology. They show how bad it is when women go out, dressed provocatively, wrist skin and faces showing for all the world to see. That just can’t be borne, and it’s better that the morality police show us the consequences than that the country be plunged into anarchy where common citizens do such things.

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