Year Zero and Partisanship

Year Zero and Partisanship The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

The Reuters Institute and University of Oxford Digital News Report 2021 tells me that general trust in the corporate news media is lower than I had expected, but still higher than it has any right to be.

Also, as it turns out, Americans are among the very least trustful people regarding news media compared with any of the many countries in which polls were taken and reported on. And why I personally suppose that might be is that one half of Americans have been so consistently and dishonestly vilified, mocked, marginalized, and disenfranchised, for all the world to see, all in the interest of advancing a transgressive globalist agenda. They themselves, as well as other witnesses to this fact, consequently and automatically assume the mainstream journalists are lying to them anytime their lips are moving.

Take, for instance, some recent reporting by Ryan Saavedra at The Daily Wire regarding the Twitter Files. I say this not because Saavedra is lying, but because these stories as late highlight and detail the incestuous relationship, which has existed for years as something of an increasingly open secret.

Democrats in our government, social media giants online, and the corporate media in print and on television – all three together gleefully circulate false narratives, then box out and malign conservative voices in particular from within, including even a former President of the United States.

Meanwhile, ‘Elon Musk Takes Aim At Dr. Fauci In Cryptic Wee-Hours Tweet,’ and all of the above don’t know which to shake their fists at him over first – his poking fun at preferred pronouns, or his suggesting “the Science” broke laws and should be brought to justice accordingly. Both alike he is to be commended for, but especially the substantive idea of bringing accountability under the law to an unelected bureaucrat who was responsible for the suffering, impoverishment, and death of countless millions around the world.

Speaking of laws, and both science and conscience, a Federal court just blocked the Biden administration from forcing Christian doctors to perform gender reassignment surgeries, according to reporting from Joseph MacKinnon at The Blaze. And this really is the “or else” to Christian truth, justice, and goodness informing our politics and government, particularly when set in contrast to diatribes of late against so-called Christian nationalism.

But let’s do also talk a minute about the definition of ‘Partisan‘, per Google and Oxford Languages. Is partisanship a bad thing? Or is bi-partisanship necessarily a good thing? To both questions, the answer cannot possibly be yes. And this is because it really depends.

Who or what are you partisan in favor of or against? All that being a partisan means is that you are partial, or devoted, or an adherent. Therefore, a partisan for Christ is a very good thing; and a bi-partisan who compromises pragmatically with those who are corrupt on matters of righteousness and wickedness ought not to be lauded for it.

Before we go, while we’re on the topic of division, let’s say a word about Year Zero. According to Wikipedia, there is none in our calendar. We have 1 BC and 1 AD, and these both in relation to Christ, with no neutrality.

Secularists can say what they like, preferring the terms BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) for their irreligious nature. But no man should call common what God has done in Christ, or how all of human history is divided in two. Whatever terms you prefer, the incarnation of God the Son transformed forever the world as it was into the world as it is.

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