Blessed Is The Man Whose Delight Is In The Law of Yahweh

Blessed Is The Man Who… The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Consider Psalm 1, and the blessed man who both loves and meditates on God’s Law, how he prospers in everything he does, but how the wicked are not so.

Whether he walks, stands, or sits down, this righteous man conducts himself in contrast to the wicked, the sinners, and the scoffers. Yahweh knows his way, and will prosper it, like a tree planted beside streams of water, even as the wicked are blown away like so much chaff.

Then consider this article I read recently in The Denver Post, about a ‘key federal permit issued for $2 billion Northern Colorado reservoir project,’ and how environmentalists and the like oppose this necessary effort to bring more usable water to bear on the question of rising population.

It would seem not everyone wants to have their tree planted beside streams of water.

Speaking of, The New York Times is running pieces about husbands and wives “living apart together.” And if such is going to be a long-term choice, is this better than the two getting divorced? To normalize such a thing seems to me to be defining down faithlessness. But then these are the times we live in, when virtue is scoffed at, and everyone does what is right in their own eyes.

On the subject of eyes, in another story I read recently, ‘Scarlett Johansson Claims She Was ‘Groomed’ For ‘Bombshell’ Roles Early On,’ and talks about being propped up, cast, and directed to be a sex symbol, even when she was under age.

Besides it being interesting generally, how many such realizations and admissions are coming out, in the last six years especially, it also leads me to wonder where the fathers are in these cases. Are they completely out of the picture? Are they sidelined on the grounds that their daughters just have to do this or that, or wear some questionable outfit, to get that role, or be successful chasing their dreams of stardom?

This seems like a kind of prostitution, when young women and girls are presented not first and foremost to be beautiful, but to incite lust, all to help sell something. And if that holds, that this is a kind of prostitution, am I crossing a line to say emphatically that fathers need to be more engaged to keep their daughters out of being exploited in such a way?

Closer to home, ‘Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education meeting stopped twice, adjourns early due to disruptions during public comment,’ as local parents where I live brought thousands of complaints concerning nearly 300 titles containing sexually explicit, suggestive, and otherwise degenerate material in our school libraries, featuring even bestiality and rape.

The superintendent at one point called for a recess to this school board meeting to clean up the “trash.” And by this, she did not mean the books in the local library, but the complaint forms regarding the objected-to works.

At a certain point, it would seem we need to pick one, between scoffing at parents who don’t want their children being groomed in the public schools and libraries, and feigning shock and outrage when our culture’s children grow up to be sexually exploited in the most public of ways.

Unfortunately, the only feasible way to do so seems to be pulling one’s children out of the public education system, if you haven’t already, particularly when you see stories like the one about the middle school teacher in Ohio who was forced to resign after she refused to use students preferred pronouns. Yes, she’s suing. But then this is one of the little upsides to homeschooling, that one does not need to do such things when the teacher is also the parent.

The “or else” is, as Jordan Peterson says, that we are closer than most people realize to a social credit system the likes of what the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party has for its people. And in that case, we are being marched right into the trap of absolute tyranny and slavery, all in the name of freedom and licentiousness.

So long as we’re locked into the mindset of co-dependence with our government, or the approval of the wicked, we will complain but relent in the end, and the social imaginary will keep on imagining increasingly wicked, sinful, scoffing things to pressure us and our posterity into both doing and affirming when others do them.

By contrast, if we refuse to cave into the bribes and threats, and fix our attention on what God promises to reward, and submit to his discipline, we will find ourselves very free indeed, and blessed in everything we do.

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