Where Public Library Bathrooms Are Permanently Closed Due to Meth Contamination

Where Public Library Bathrooms Are Permanently Closed Due to Meth Contamination The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

What does it mean when a state legalizes “human composting,” as New York has now joined Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon, and Vermont in doing? Stated reasons for the move must surely come into giving an answer to that question.

So, then, in this case, what does it mean when the stated reason for the legalization of “human composting,” where instead of traditional burial or cremation one is turned into fertilizer for growing plants over the course of a year, since this supposedly is disposing of our dearly departed’s remains in a “more environmentally friendly way,” is, at its root, an inversion of the true relationship between Man and the rest of God’s Creation?

That is, if we will shrug, that the best use of human remains, in the minds of some, is to make trees and flowers to grow, to the end of combating Climate Change, this is just another way of saying that man would be better to go back to his former condition as the dust of the Earth.

This makes as much sense to the Christian as planting trees with their leaves buried in the ground and their roots up in the air. Only an idiot would do that, unless the point was to kill the trees in question, and make a mockery of the very idea of arborists. Then again, perhaps that is the point, to convince us all that mass graves are really not such bad things after all, so long as they are organic mass graves, with no additives, artificial colors, or preservatives. We will only have “sustainable” mass graves, after all.

On the other hand, Genesis does say that man was fashioned, by God’s own hand, out of the dust of the ground. And to the dust we will return. This is also true. Yet that is not the same thing as saying that it doesn’t matter how we dispose of ourselves and one another. Remember that, though man indeed is dust, he is also made in the image of Almighty God, with the breath of life breathed into his nostrils by the Most High. Consequently, man does not, first and foremost, belong to himself, nor even to other men, but rather to the God who made him for a better purpose than this – namely, to “be fruitful and multiply, fill the Earth and subdue it.”

Come to think of it, the fact of man being made in God’s image does change the way I view everything – even, I suppose, reading about a winter weather advisory until 8 p.m. in the Greeley Tribune. And, for instance, using that little anecdote, my first thought, when the paper says an early New Year’s storm is coming, is to ask what this means for my family and friends and self, particularly our safe travels out on the road, because I am commanded by God to love my neighbor as I love myself. Never in a million years would my first thought be to change my final wishes, so as to potentially reduce the severity of future snow storms which the Greeley Tribune, or any other newspaper, might have to report on, or which its reporters might have to go out into to do so.

My reading of Holy Scripture also changes also the way I read a story about the effects of inflation on low, middle, and upper-income households in Colorado. Starting with the principle at root in the Biblical admonition “the one who does not work shall not eat,” I regard as evil that our government spends money – which it does not have, by the way, but prints out of thin air whenever it feels like it – on causes no one ought to invest in, both at home and abroad, in such a way as takes bread from the mouths of the children of men, who do themselves work so their families can eat. Yet if we are all just compost in the end, what is inflation? What is bread in our mouths, or the mouths of our children? Dust in the wind, as Kansas would say. All we are is dust in the wind, unless, of course, God has breathed the breath of life into us, and we ultimately belong to Him.

This is to say nothing of the reporting from yesterday, by Leon Wolf at The Blaze, on the Boulder Public Library bathrooms, being potentially closed forever to the public, due to so much smoking of so much meth in them. For that matter, the library in Boulder is delayed in its opening this year generally, for the same reasons.

And what does it say about the state of mental, emotional, and spiritual health in a place, that people would not be able to go and get books, or use the restroom while studying those books, due to drug use run amok in the facilities? Surely it says something. But if reading my Bible leads me to place a high value on reading books generally, I see the whole business in Boulder as something approaching sacrilegious. Only all the more am I aghast that the reason has so much to do with an unwillingness to either say or mean ‘No’ to drugs, even over and against the privation of the public good. This, then, is another evil, and not a mere inconvenience or triviality.

On the other hand, if we are, above all things, trying to reduce our carbon footprint, then perhaps the more libraries are closed it is for the best. Think on it a moment, and you’ll recognize the logic.

Libraries being open might lead to more Boulderians, or whatever they’re called, and Coloradans, for that is what they’re called, learning things from books. And that, by turn, would potentially cause them to work more productively, depending on what they learned in books, at raping the planet, also known as extracting, transporting, refining, and utilizing natural resources.

While you’re still chewing on that trail mix, consider that the most prestigious of newspapers, The New York Times – named after the state that most recently legalized “human composting,” by the way – just published an opinion piece about how we should encourage short people to do all the being fruitful and multiplying moving forward, because that’s better for the environment, seeing as how short people have a smaller carbon footprint, and whatnot.

Smart money, from a betting man, would say the person who wrote the article is themselves short, and having a difficult time finding a mate, even as they hope that such editorializing as this will improve their odds. After all, what are the odds that a tall man, who has no trouble attracting the interest of women, would work against his own interests?

But back to the subject, and how my Christian faith leads me to at least try not to judge by outward appearances, since God doesn’t, looking rather as He does to the inner man of the heart in instance after instance, thereby encouraging His imitators to do likewise. Then again, perhaps this will not help things, if the inner man of the heart is even shorter than the outer, because he thinks first, when choosing a mate, about how to reduce carbon footprints on a global scale, instead of what is proper to do with a mate – namely, the verb form of this word which gives the noun its meaning and purpose.

Meanwhile, Katie Hobbs, the first Democratic candidate to “win” the governorship in Arizona since 2009, was just sworn in, while reporters were intentionally excluded and barred from attendance. Otherwise I suppose she might have had to take questions from the people who elected her, and you don’t want that, since it might give the same people who supposedly voted for Katie Hobbs the mistaken notion that she should answer to them for anything, which of course she shouldn’t.

Democracy is being saved from the demos, it seems.  And that’s probably for the best, you know, given the state of the people who do all the voting, never mind that the same luminaries at fault for the formation of the character, or lack thereof, where the voting public is concerned, are the very same people who also, from time to time, decide to override the vetoes of the governed, which are given, or at least attempted, at the ballot box, by, among other things, keeping information from them which, if delivered in a timely manner, would cause them to actually vote according to what they believe their interests are, instead of voting for what the short people who can’t find a date want.

Like when Google, Facebook, and Twitter have hired over 300 people who formerly worked for U.S. intelligence agencies, since the 2016 Presidential election, and Nick Rossmann, who worked for the CIA for 5 years, and publicly hated on Trump and everyone who voted for him for years, is Senior Manager Trust & Safety for Google. That is also what it’s like when Democrats don’t overmuch want to answer questions from the public which makes up half the name of their advertised form of government. And given how poor their answers would be if they were forced to give them, this is, I suppose, where the real intelligence is found on the Left, that they find ways, like censorship and propaganda, to not have to explain themselves.

But that’s none of my business.

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