When Criminality Becomes the Status Quo

When Criminality Becomes the Status Quo The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

If the Left cared more about what is good and true than about the exercise of arbitrary power, those on the Left would read the Second Amendment more carefully, and ponder afresh both its causes and effects. Alas, they love power, and must have our Constitution read to them, and explained carefully in detail.

For instance, permit me to quote for you briefly, that part of our Constitution which pertains to the rights of Americans to buy, own, keep, carry, and use firearms:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

– The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, at the behest of Democrats in our government, seems not to understand what that means. And that is the most charitable thing we could say.

The other possibility is that they simply don’t care because the Democrats don’t care.

Either way, as the ATF’s recent arbitrary rule change regarding pistol braces makes clear, they think that they know better than the founding fathers of our republic what is necessary to the security of a free State. I know this because the ATF recently made a rather aggressive move to require the disassembly, destruction, surrender, or registration of perhaps as many as 40 million firearms in America, on pain of declaring felons their owners if they do not comply with one of those options in the next 120 days.

But consider, if you will, the juxtaposition of this recently announced ATF rule change, and what it means relative the security we would derive from our Bill of Rights, when the LAPD recently banned the display of ‘Thin Blue Line’ flags, due to their being supposedly racist and problematic.

Think also of the apparent mishandling of classified documents by our current President of the United States, and the double standard that was applied in making known to the public, that he was as guilty or more as his predecessor, only after the recent mid-term elections, whatever pretense is now being made that both cases have been assigned a special prosecutor to investigate, or bring necessary charges.

To give another example of recent American shenanigans, where those on the Left in our government are concerned, ponder the Democrat mayor of Chicago boasting about how much money of the public’s money she has spent on law enforcement, even as crime rates continue to soar in the city she presides over, particularly as her party has done so very much to denigrate even the idea of policing in the U.S. as prejudicial to the core against black people, and therefore deserving of overhaul and even abolishment.

And what about a recent installment of the Twitter files showing staff members of Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff’s tirelessly campaigning behind closed doors for Twitter to censor journalists Schiff didn’t like, or individual users who poked fun at Biden, seizing on any even remote possibility of a violation of rules, and twisting definitions to get the outcome they wanted in the censorship of unfavorable coverage or discussion of their party and programme.

Lastly, consider the freshman Democrat congresswoman from Michigan who recently took to the House floor to speak against proposed legislation requiring medical aid be given to infants who survive abortions. Calling herself a ‘pro-choice Christian,’ she cited Jeremiah 1:5 to reach the peculiar conclusion that because God knits babies together in their mother’s wombs instead of the government’s womb, or the speaker’s womb, therefore the government needs to mind its own business, which she assumes is not the protection of would-be murder victims, so long as they are infants and their mothers don’t want to raise or care for them.

Put all of this together in your mind, and then revisit the recent rule change by the ATF, which would favor declaring in 4 months time as many as 40 million Americans, who purchased their firearms and accessories legally, newly minted felons.

How is it that the Left in our government, whether duly elected, or unelected hirelings, or appointees in the bureaucracy, can draw the tortured conclusions they do from crime stats, social media community standards, and even the Bible, noticing and interpreting the most obscure and minor points to the advantage of the outcomes they desire, but they can’t be bothered to read or understand the plain meaning of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

If one word could be reached for, to describe the alignment of all of these oddities and irregularities, it would be ‘arbitrary.’ But, on that note, we should all remember, and let no one forget, that the United States of America has a Constitution in the first place to provide a check and balance against the arbitrary exercise of government power. Yet it cannot do this on its own, without our speaking and acting according to it. And this we must do, if we will not be subject to every nonsensical whim of the power-hungry and vainglorious, or the predations of the malicious.

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