Diversity Day at the WEF

Diversity Day at the WEF The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Al Gore says “we are still failing badly” with regards to Climate Change dangers being mitigated by the World Economic Forum. By this, he of course means that the world’s wealthiest and most powerful underdogs need to do more to stop little people like you and me from driving internal combustion engine vehicles, or heating and electrifying our homes with affordable fossil fuels. 

Perhaps no one has told him the good news, that Japan’s prime minister recently announced that country is on the brink of falling apart due to the inheritors of the samurai not having babies. Either way, on the plus side, this will mean fewer consumers, and a country with no people in it will presumably be carbon neutral.

But speaking of carbon, I wonder what Gore, Jr. would say, whose father was once upon a time the VP of Occidental Petroleum, and sat on its board of directors, if he read this article from Answers in Genesis from 2006, by Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, titled ‘The Origin of Oil.’ Would he moderate his doomsday predictions, for instance, or reduce the footprint of his megalomaniacal demagoguery, if he believed God may have put that oil and gas underground with the Great Deluge?

No matter, I suppose. Gore would probably still prefer Sid’s theology and politics over Provorov’s. The culture war has its sights set on the NHL.

In the words of Michael Scott, from the episode of The Office which was removed from Comedy Central’s rerun schedules, “This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell out of here.”

Meanwhile, those of us otherwise excluded can nevertheless cheer on the likes of Congressman Buddy Carter from Georgia, for putting forward legislation to abolish the IRS, and replace income and payroll taxes with national sales taxes.

Or maybe we can affirm a different kind of couple, from the sort applauded by the woke folk, who love the LGBTQ++ in the name of toleration, but so often loathe and detest any who abstain from joining in celebrating vice, because they cannot do so with a clear conscience. 

William and Bonnie Daniels, for instance, married for 71 years, since 1951, recovered from an open marriage in the 1970’s to stick it out the last 50. In their words, it just didn’t work, but was very painful, to be faithless. And so long as we don’t make any mention of Christian faith, and keep it all prudential up in here, I suppose Sid will be able to contain himself. 

Or else maybe someone will say Hollywood is for everyone, just like hockey is supposed to be, or the WEF’s global agenda, and the Great Reset.

The fine print in all of the above is that intolerance will not be tolerated, even if it comes only in so mild a form as refusal to affirm and participate personally. That being a self-defeating premise, more confusing than convincing, our only option is to think long and hard about what we must tolerate, and what we must not, to have a good end, and to prosper holistically.

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