Christian Federalism or The Communist Manifesto

Christian Federalism or The Communist Manifesto The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

One of the hallmarks of negative world, where the public expression of Christian faith in our day is maligned, mocked, and marginalized, is that The Handmaid’s Tale is routinely put forward as the only “or else” to progressive liberal secularism anytime Christians in particular raise an objection to this or that government policy or law being ungodly or immoral. And this is what the establishment status quo really means when they use the term ‘Christian Nationalism.’

There are other possibilities, though. For instance, our options may include going back to what some, like Josh Daws, are calling ‘Christian Federalism.’

Similar to, but distinct from, the ‘Christian Nationalism’ we have all been hearing so much about, as of late, a key difference is that ‘Christian Federalism’ has less to do with praying for another Constantine the Great to arise in our day as a Christian prince, and more with going back to things like prayer and Bible reading in our public schools, instead of CRT and transgender ideology. The United States of America enjoyed these things, as well as the general conviction that they were good and proper, for most of our relatively short history. And the world was a better place for that fact.

Another alternative, though, if we keep on like we are, with more and more Leftist secularism running amok, will be the fulfillment of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian vision in Brave New World, or George Orwell’s in 1984.

Telling the boundless secularism of our current day to think of it in those terms might produce a more accurate and realistic fearfulness. When we put the situation in those terms, for instance, the shoe goes on the other foot, right where it belongs.

And in that case, we are not really comparing a workable status quo at present against repressive theocracy in the potential future. Rather, we are contrasting the current trajectory toward a repressive kind of techno-communism against a suitable civic reverence for Almighty God, forming, as it used to, the basis for our conception of human rights and dignity, as well as a sustainable foundation for writing, enforcing, and judging the laws of this land.

If we have something as bad or worse than Margaret Atwood’s dystopic, however, I know this much for sure: it will not be due to an excess of Christian faith in public life. Rather, it will be due to a shortage of Christian faith, or even a purging of it from public life.

And wouldn’t that just beat all? It may turn out that the Left in this country is bringing about their very own worst nightmare the more, rather than less, they succeed at getting what they thought they wanted, namely the abolition of Christian faith in the public square.

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