‘The Great Reset’ by Marc Morano Makes Me Uncomfortable, and That’s Okay

'The Great Reset' by Marc Morano Makes Me Uncomfortable, and That's Okay The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Permit me to say a word or two about Marc Morano’s book, ‘The Great Reset,’ and why it makes me uncomfortable. Thereafter I will tell you why it’s okay for me to be uncomfortable.

‘The Great Reset’ derives its name from what the folks at the WEF are calling their bid to take over the world, using COVID lockdowns, mandates, Big Tech censorship and surveillance, ESG investment capital, the war in Ukraine, and Climate Change, to push for global communism.

That was a lot to cram into one sentence, I admit. Let me start over.

‘The Great Reset’ explains, with specific and verifiable quotes, statistics, and dates, how to make sense of what otherwise was just a very disorienting and destabilizing experience, at least for most of us, over the past 2-3 years.

As the governments of the world, including almost especially in the West, or at least most alarmingly and surprisingly in the West, suspended almost all otherwise normal operations, including those pertaining to economic, social, religious, and legal wellbeing, in the interest of supposedly saving us from a catastrophic loss of life, due to an unusual and newfangled illness originating in Wuhan, China, where there just so happened to be a rather suspicious bio-lab which was funded by the U.S. government, under the watchful care of a certain Dr. Anthony Fauci, who also happened to be the highest paid unelected American bureaucrat in history, a great many of us, in America, at least, smelled a rat. And here it is.

That is, ‘The Great Reset’ gives some language and specificity to the nagging suspicion many of us have been harboring since early 2020.

A conspiracy fact, as opposed to a conspiracy theory, motivated a cooperative effort, by the world’s elites, to disenfranchise and defraud, and this by the means of terror and propaganda, common folk the world over, who are seen as either dupes or pawns, or else impediments, to what is regarded as being in the best interest of the nations of the world, whether or not their citizens realize it, or agree.

What these elites believe is that the citizens of the world should all sublimate their individual self-interest, and self-determination, in the interest of an unprecedented redistribution of capital, as well as a seizing of the means of production and distribution, and this for the purpose of implementing global communism.

If the magic spell of COVID has worn off, now they have the war in Ukraine. And when the Russian aggression wears off, they will take all the lessons learned from coronavirus and Zelensky, and will pour their efforts and energies into combatting Climate Change, that gift that will never keep giving them the pretext they need for the perpetually confused and uninformed, who take their cues from peer pressure and corporate media, and especially the perception of where the two intersect.

The reason this matters is that, according to Morano’s researches – and he should know, writing for ClimateDepot.com as he does – the COVID lockdowns will never end. Even if it seems they have receded, for now, they are like the ocean tide going out, which will soon enough come back in again.

Whereas the real ocean tides may sometimes bring certain detritus to shore from the oceans, on this or that high tide, leaving such stranded on the beach until the tide comes back in, and goes back out again, yet the tides themselves will bring something else back in the next time, or else be a tsunami, if the conditions are right, but you just can’t tell for sure until the time comes, so also the the COVID lockdowns are like a high tide event in world history, as a certain class which has always existed, of tyrants and egotists and control-freaks, and of megalomaniacs, and reprobates, brings their detritus onto the beaches, in the form of deaths due to suicide, or domestic violence, or drug overdoses, or whatever else can be filed under “with COVID” as further proof the lockdowns were justified in the first place, even if the lockdowns were preconceived, and premeditated, and preordained, and preplanned.

Of course, this would make any reasonable person feel uncomfortable. Whether or not I am a reasonable person, it makes me feel uncomfortable. But I think it makes you feel uncomfortable, too, as it should, because it is a very discomforting thought, unless one was already having it, and this actually confirms a growing suspicion that you and I were not crazy for suspecting that something else was going on, more than what was being reported on the nightly news, or MSNBC, or in The New York Times.

The big question, then, is what is true. Set aside who said it, and what is said about them. What is really going on?

Arguably the most uncomfortable possibility is that we do not now know, and that we will never know. The realization of this fact should give us pause, lest we embrace uncritically any cohesive explanation which gives us an illusion of being in control by knowing things which just aint so.

Then again, that blade cuts both ways, and in all directions. But verifiable quotes and dates are hard to argue with, as Marc Morano’s book illustrates.

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