Wisdom and Folly Alike as Women Who Call to the Simple

Wisdom and Folly Alike as Women Who Call to the Simple The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Consider the curious case of two women, one named Wisdom, and the other named Folly. They are similar in some ways. Both alike call to the simple, and to him who lacks sense, from the highest places of the town they both live in.

After that, the contrasts are stark.

Wisdom has her own house, livestock, wine, and table. Moreover, she has young women, presumably in her employment. Moreover, she is a woman who is clearly capable and active. She builds, hews, slaughters, mixes, sets, and sends. That is, she has means and plans, and is generous with what her hard work has produced. Her invitation to the simple and those who lack sense is to incentivize the getting of insight from her with a meal. 

You might even say that the woman Wisdom is seeking the welfare of the city she lives in by offering correction, reproof, instruction, and teaching, sharing both knowledge and wisdom for how to live.

Folly, on the other hand, is seductively simple, yet truly ignorant. She too has a house, but she takes a seat, and loudly entices others who are simple to steal, or to enjoy what is stolen, and to be secretive. Yet one of the dirtiest secrets about Folly is that those who listen to her, and accept her dinner invitation, die and go down to the grave.

Whose party invitation would we rather accept, and who do we hope more of our fellow townspeople dine with? 

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