Matt Walsh, James O’Keefe, Ron DeSantis, and The Queen James Bible

Matt Walsh, James O'Keefe, Ron DeSantis, and The Queen James Bible The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Mad props to Matt Walsh. He has better luck than I do when calling out Tennessee Democrats for pushing their radical transgender ideology on America. That is, he seems to still have access to his Twitter account, which is more than I can say. But then he recently challenged them in-person first, and kept the audio and video of their dumbfounded response, and helped to air and advertise it online, which probably helps.

Speaking of audio and video evidence, the timing of James O’Keefe being ousted from Project Veritas certainly does seem suspicious, given the very fresh work he did on a certain pharmaceutical corporation named Pfeizer, and the bombshell revelation that they are actively mutating COVID in their labs so as to develop new vaccines.

Again, it helps that the audio and video are out there already. The cat is out of the bag, as the old saying goes. But lots of wealthy and powerful people, with little to no scruples, were hoping to keep on having a free hand, to get still more wealth and power for themselves, without the bad press. Fortunate for them, or so they think, the mainstream media is on the take, and gets their cut in commercials and sponsorships, as a kind of inoculation against unfavorable coverage.

That’s where independent journalism really comes in handy. For people like you and me to know what’s actually happening, particularly where it pertains to the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones, we need unsullied investigators and reporting like O’Keefe’s.

“Like herding cats” is another old saying that comes to mind, which may here have a positive connotation, when we consider the difficulty posed to corrupt folk, when they prefer to treat with fewer and larger media entities, negotiating silence on their less savory practices and pursuits, or else maneuvering behind the scenes to silence all dissent, and quiet all dissenters.

“And it came to pass in those days, when there was no king in Israel…”

– Judges 19:1 (KJV)

Yet speaking of kingdoms without kings, the governor of Florida is making good on commitments of yesteryear. With help from Republicans in the state legislature, he’s taking away Disney’s long-standing special self-governing circumstance in the Sunshine State, after the company decided to go all-in on trans-ing the kids in public schools.

Princesses kissing frog princes got old, it seems. Now they want to turn the freaking frogs gay.

But on this note, let’s say a word about King James VI and I, the rumored bisexual, who commissioned the KJV a few centuries back. A per-version of the Bible exists which winks and nods to his old nickname at court, “Queen James.”

As it turns out, just eight verses require adding and subtracting words and phrases to keep us Christians from the sin of homophobia. ‘Thou shalt not be homophobic or transphobic,’ it seems. Perhaps its crafters added that too, since it’s not to be found in God’s Word otherwise.

It’s a curious thing to bank on, though, that King James may have been a closet homosexual. Therefore it’s no sin to be gay? What’s the claim being made with that line of reason?

How would it be if we supposed nothing the men did, who wrote the books of the Bible, or were featured in it, or commissioned translations, or did the translating, could have possibly been sinful, due to their involvement with the Bible?

The Bible is chock full of sinful men doing and saying evil things. Look no further than the book of Judges, for instance, and the story about the Levite man who stopped on Gibeah on his way home to fetch his concubine from her father’s house.

The point is that not everything described in the Bible is meant to be normative, prescriptive, or affirmed. That anyone would miss this is proof that they either have been given over to a reprobate mind, or else they have not been taught to read, study, and understand as they ought to have been.

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