How to Say Augustine, and What to Do About Chronic Interrupters

How to Say Augustine, and What to Do About Chronic Interrupters The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

We want to be presentable before our Maker, as unembarrassed workers, where handling of the truth is concerned. But that takes conscious, sustained, intentional effort.

So let’s not quarrel about words. Let’s do our best, instead, since quarrelling is not that. 

And don’t get sucked into foolish, ignorant controversies. They lead to unnecessary conflict, and don’t help anyone.

Instead, be kind to everyone, able to patiently correct the folly and error, of even your opponents and enemies, not just yourself and your friends, with gentleness.

Let’s not be childish and immature in the way we think. Let’s be mature. 

Our God is not a God of chaos. He is a God of peace and order. So if someone is talking, and another one has something to say, let the first one who was talking be quiet, and listen, so that everyone listening can be built up and edified by what is said.

That is how we should deal with chronic interrupters, whether they be us, ourselves, or someone else in our vacinity.

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