How to Facilitate the Development of a Responsible and Educated Citizenry

How to Facilitate the Development of a Responsible and Educated Citizenry The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship has the following as their second survey question:

“How do we facilitate the development of a responsible and educated citizenry?”

To that, I answer that we should encourage young men and women to get married, just once, and as young as is practicable, during their adult years, so they can have children together, and raise those children together in stable, loving, God-fearing homes; strong communities will be the natural consequence and byproduct.

Thereafter, encourage those young families to homeschool their children, or else send them to private schools for a classical Christian education, so that our heritage in the West is not discarded and forgotten, as the public schools in the U.S., dominated by the radical Left, are trying so hard to accomplish, when they either ignore or else malign the study of American and European history according only to the malicious revisionism of Zinn, and the Marxist notion of dividing every story into haves and have-nots, oppressors and oppressed, all to the end of redistributing wealth and power along socialistic and communistic lines.

That is to say, there is a preceding question which needs answered upstream of responsible, educated citizenship, in my view. Before we can foster such in a town, city, county, state, or nation, we must encourage young men and young women to be good citizens of their own homes and families. Otherwise, they have no practice, no stake, and no interest.

But that is also to say that we must encourage young men and women to actually be citizens of their own homes and families, and to see themselves that way, and to not regard such as a common or pesky thing, but as critically essential preparation for life in the wider world.

Shoring Up the Home

If this vision were to take hold, and if its realization were more the case, there would be more of an appreciation for the importance of a husband, a wife, a father, a mother; there would be more of an appreciation of the very goodness of having sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters.

By turn, there would be a renewed appreciation for the value of maleness and femaleness, masculinity and femininity. Thus, we would not be so confused as we are now, wasting time and energy and political capital about whether these are fixed characteristics which our human race not only can, or should, but must celebrate, affirm, and steward well under God in order to endure on the face of this planet.

If we better appreciated these facts, we would find the frivolous controversies around preferred pronouns being dealt with as close to home as possible, instead of being hoisted on the general public to sort out, where no authority is recognized to weigh and measure such claims, as are contrary to stubborn reality, sorting them like so much wheat and chaff.

So also, we would know then what to do with public calls for the murder of those judges and government officials, as well as vocal fellow citizens, who are opposed to the murder of unborn infants; more rightly appalled at the sheer evil and corruption of such calls for violence against their persons, we would recognize the need for penalties and corrective consequences when such threats are issued publicly. Then we would not tolerate calls for the murder of those who are opposed to the murder, of the most innocent among us, by the most depraved and degenerate among us; consequently, we would demand penalties and punishments as the justice which such malice rightly require.

We would also learn, hereby, to put no stock in organizations and associations which disorganize and dissociate from schools of young ladies who want to keep their bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers separate from boys, because they want to maintain their innocence, purity, and chastity.

Just Say ‘No’

In the home, we would cultivate more of that willingness and readiness to employ the word ‘No’ which is needful, like when public servants are put on the spot publicly by activists whose hoped-for normalization of deviance seeks to reverse all standards of morality in a way that can only be called godlike in its aspirational model.

Then, perhaps, duly-elected governors of states could not be made to cower, before perverse boys who demand to be called girls, or willful girls who insist on being thought of as boys; thereafter, both alike would be barred from access to all the privileges of the opposite gender, without any of the responsibilities in society, as this combination would be rightly deemed toxic, selfish, and intolerable.

If we focused on strengthening the home, we would realize therein that children are children, and that foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, and that children must be trained up in the way they should go, if they are to keep on in it when they are older. Otherwise, not being blank slates, they act out of their sinful natures, with no self control, only self-will, and thereafter self-destruction.

Thus, we would learn by experience what has always been self-evident, that children must be told ‘No’ to all manner of asks and demands and aspirations which are unwise, in order to keep open the option of saying ‘Yes’ to what is true, what is beautiful, and what is good, according to objective reality as instituted by God Most High.

Consequently, if we started the task of developing responsible and educated citizens in the home, we would rightly put the onus on parents to ensure their children learn civics, and how to do their chores, and how to relate respectful to proper authority in their life. Thus and just so, we would not have so many only children who, without siblings, have a much harder time learning to be kind to, and considerate of, other children.

After all, it’s one thing to share with your friend when either of you can go home and tell your own mother, and get a stack of cookies and a glass of milk for comfort; it’s quite another thing when both you and your friend have the same mother, and she must arbitrate without showing favoritism to her own child because both of you are her child.

Parental Prescriptions

If we were starting in the home for the development of responsible citizens, we would know that sometimes love demands saying ‘No’ in the interest of protecting what is right, and that you cannot affirm mutually exclusive and contradictory claims, requests, and demands without being a liar.

Thus, and just so, we would realize the sheer lunacy and depravity of labeling “cruel” the protection of children from their bodies being medically mutilated in the interest of affirming the gender they have been manipulated and coaxed into identifying as up to this point, despite the biological facts to the contrary, which are plain to all, including those who deny such.

So also, if we were starting in the home, no medical professional would ever be put in the moral quandary of having to either lie to their government or else protect children from harmful medicines, which should more rightly be considered poisons, and utterly malicious and dehumanizing when forced on unwilling subjects, when you consider their negative health effects, up to and including sudden death.

Instead, we would harmonize what the state is requiring of the providers of medical care with what the Lord God would require of them, instead of demanding unquestioned obedience to the government as a kind of substitute god, and biased science as a kind of substitute religion, not least because we would recognize that prime of place belongs with parents, not unelected bureaucrats and public health officials, however educated, where safeguarding the health and welfare of children is concerned, from disease as well as other dangers.

Rioting and Tantrums

Another thing we would learn in the home is that people lie. Adults in a family may lie to one another, or to their children; children in a family will be dishonest with one another, and especially their parents. But in the home, in the family, this is always found out eventually, and then there are consequences.

Thus, when we go out into the broader world, and seek to be responsible and educated citizens, and have learned how to deal firmly but justly and lovingly with fast and loose treatments of the truth in our own households, we expect that people outside our home will not always be entirely truthful either, and we prepare ourselves accordingly, to render firm but compassionate corrections to untruths and their corresponding misdeeds. We trust but verify, you might say, instead of entrusting ourselves blindly to the inherent goodness of men and women, who can only be good and tell the truth by the grace of God in Christ Jesus.

For instance, when rioters turn violent to keep someone they disagree with from speaking on a college campus, responsible and educated citizenry would know to not just take their word for it that they had any excuse or justification whatsoever for throwing their tantrums. And, in fact, that is what we would liken their rioting to, and recognize its resemblance to – a toddler throwing a tantrum. Only these children are now grown, and were not trained up in the way they should go; therefore, now, they need the adult equivalent of spankings, or else they will destroy the whole place, and us as well as themselves, if we let them.

In short, then, the cultivation of an educated and responsible citizenship is not possible unless it starts in the home, with the cultivation of godly husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. By turn as well, the ultimate fulfillment of this aspiration requires yet another precondition: the fear of, love for, and trust in the Lord which those who came before us knew and lived by, and were blessed by accordingly when they did.

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