What Assault Weapons Are, and Why Democrats Want to Ban Them

What Assault Weapons Are, and Why Democrats Want to Ban Them The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the God of David, as well as our God also. More of us should ponder what David writes of Him in the Psalms.

Blessed be Yahweh, my rock,
who trains my hands for war,
and my fingers for battle;
He is my steadfast love and my fortress,
my stronghold and my deliverer,
my shield and he in whom I take refuge,
who subdues peoples under me.

Psalm 144:1-2

Some in our day would dismiss this as rather too martial language. Inflammatory, liable to be dismissed as toxically masculine, it’s on the wrong side of history to boot. Why resort to talk of war and fighting?

We no longer need these antiquated notions, then; they’re primitive, whereas we are advanced and progressive. This is all the more reason women should rule the world, by the way. We will all be the more peaceful and prosperous for it, and there will be no more war, no more crime, no more violence.

Yet, just as surely, or even more, were that even possible for something to be more certain than the conclusions of the Left, all Scripture is breathed out by God, including Psalm 144.

There must, therefore, be a profit to this particular passage, that the man of God might be complete, equipped for every good work. And that must hold true even if the good work sometimes includes war and battle.

Otherwise, why would God Himself train David’s hands and fingers thus, for war and battle, unless there are times where waging war and fighting battles is the good work to do?

A Time for Assault, and a Time for Defense

David’s son Solomon also wrote that there was a time for embracing, we are chided. The peacemaker will not let us forget. As we talk about firearms legislation – we are called to love, not hate; neither are we to avenge ourselves; nor are we to repay evil for evil, as though that will overcome.

Yet we should remind such folk right back that Solomon’s next inspired line, after the time for embracing, is that there is also a time to refrain from embracing. And this bit is just as true and inspired as the others about times for both war and peace.

But then perhaps that really is the trouble with many of the Biblical authors. We like half of what they wrote, and what was written about them. Yet they also said and did things which are frowned on in this day, including, but not limited to, David and Solomon, as referenced above.

Whether we like to admit it or not, many Christians squirm, and are squeamish at the thought, that these flawed creatures were commissioned by the Holy Spirit to jot down Holy writ, which we now regard as Holy Scripture.

I say, all the more rather than less, because of our squirming, let us embrace rather than distance ourselves from the messiness that is the human agents the Lord Almighty employed, all the while understanding that their imperfectness in no way decreases the perfection and authority of God or His Word.

All the more rather than less, the goodness and mercy of God is made manifest in His having employed imperfect creatures, like us, which He was gracious and patient with, rather than consuming them, and us as well if the truth be told, in the unapproachable majesty of His goodness, wisdom, power, and authority.

Questions of Authority

I bring this up because what would do us a lot of good would be just a touch more humility before the text. Perhaps if we were not so dead-set on pretending to be holier than God half the time, we would have an easier time resisting the pretention to being holier than one another, and would derive more benefit from such passages as Psalm 144.

Yet we must come back again to passages like those found in the third book of Moses, the following not being a bad representative sample of the kind:

This is the law of the burnt offering, of the grain offering, of the sin offering, of the guilt offering, of the ordination offering, and of the peace offering, which Yahweh commanded Moses on Mount Sinai, on the day that he commanded the people of Israel to bring their offerings to Yahweh, in the wilderness of Sinai.”

Leviticus 7:37-38

That is, the law was chiefly predicated on Yahweh’s command, not on the authority of Moses or the people. Rather, who God said was His spokesperson, that man was indeed His spokesperson. And who God said was His people, they were His people. And what God said was His law, that was indeed His law.

Thus we return to the thorny problem of the laws of man, particularly when the mandate of the Almighty is for the civil magistrate to reward those who do what is good, and punish those who do what is evil.

I say this is a thorny problem because the civil magistrate, though a minister of God to do us good, often miscarries the ideal purposes of God, and corrupts the same, by rewarding those who do what is evil instead, and punishing those who do what is good.

Of Predators and Prey

Few clearer examples of this exist in our modern American context than the tireless campaigns by Leftists to enact gun control against the interests of law-abiding American citizens. By these they leave vulnerable to the rapacious and insatiable appetites and imaginations of criminals those who do what is good, all because the Left wants not so much to control the guns as to control those who would keep and bear their arms, as protected by the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in so doing.

It should go without saying that those who do what is good in protecting their own person and property ought not to be treated as suspected criminals until proven innocent.

Equally so, those who consistently do what is evil ought not be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to social justice in a court of public opinion. Yet this is just what the Left idealizes. And we must defer to that political Left in this day, many moderates insist, because Romans 13 charges us to submit to governing authority as instituted by God.

Yet when was the last time we paused to ask whether God institutes some authorities as a general judgment on wicked and wayward peoples like ours? Do we not know that God sometimes permits corrupt rulers over His people to test them, or to give an opportunity for them to testify to His goodness and truth regardless?

I dare say more of us should meditate on this. The sooner the better if more of us speak and act according to such lines of reasoning.

My Firearms Preferred Pronouns

Speaking personally, the transgender woman who shot up a Christian school in Nashville is still fresh in my mind. The Nashville police department is still, at the time of my publishing, declining to release her manifesto. Or should we call it a “wo-manifesto,” perhaps?

Surely not. Such would only warrant more killing of Christian teachers and schoolchildren, who somehow are to blame for their own murders because Christians have shown the temerity to contradict men who identify as women, and women who identify as men. Our speech is violence, but so is our silence, they say. Thus the violence of words is met with violent action.

It would seem these poor souls cannot bear the reality that our Creator made humanity male and female from the beginning, and that there was no third, fourth, or fifth category for those who aspire to calling themselves something else.

Nevertheless, moderates will hide behind submitting to the governing authorities when they tell you to affirm that a man can indeed be a woman, or a girl can indeed be a boy. They will go on, calling for peace as they placate the new “law of the land,” insisting now that amorous and ambitious passions are the same thing as Christian love, and that Christian love would affirm the same if our Christianity were more genuine.

I cannot agree, but many will, at least for a time. And that may be a temporary comfort, but the warm glow will soon enough wear off. The suspension of reality can only endure for so long before collapsing in on itself. And when it does, the collateral damage will be no less real for all the protests of supposed peacemakers that said harm was not their intention.

I Think You Mean Defense Weapons Ban

Make no mistake, Democrats will continue to clamor for a ban on “assault weapons.” Yet mine self-identify as “defense weapons.” So there! Playing by the new rules, aren’t you a bigot if you disagree?

Predators dislike their prey being able to protect themselves. And this is something like the spoils system, only instead of giving offices and contracts directly to wealthy donors, the spoils are those men, women, and children who could be sitting ducks, and fattened calves.

After all, what reason has a predator who is already breaking laws to abide by still more laws which say he is not permitted to be armed with deadly weapons of a certain variety as he robs, rapes, and murders his prey?

But tell me again how it’s all our fault for not having filed the proper paperwork, or obtained permission to defend ourselves. Indulge me with an explanation of how the have-nots can’t help it that they commit crimes. They weren’t afforded all the privileges of those who have what they lack, and therefore tend to vote Republican.

Doubtless, the District Attorneys commissioned by George Soros will see the wolves are not charged for committing crimes, but we will be charged if we effectively stop them.

What is an “assault weapon” anyway, you might ask? The Department of Homeland Security secretary can’t even say. Yet he is just sure he supports a ban on that thing, whatever it is. Firearms experts will offer a definition after being duly recognized by the proper Democratic authorities.

See here, though. What is at issue is not so much gun control. What the Democrats really want to control is us. Thus they aspire to limit our access to guns, so as to make us more vulnerable targets for their own predations.

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