What It Means to be Good Men

Maybe what it means to be good men is that we turn our back on the frivolous, unscrupulous naysayers and walk away from them. Tune them out. They’re not really listening anyway.More

Good Friday

Good Friday marks the day when Jesus was crucified. And that may be a puzzle and riddle after a fashion, but it has an answer. We call this day “good,”, in short, because God is good. More

Restorative Conservatism

Any conservative resurgence which might succeed in this country or any other must first work at a restoration of these seminal convictions. All other ground is sinking sand.More

What Tempts Men and Women Differently

What are the three greatest struggles facing men and women in American churches today? That is, what are the three greatest struggles facing men? And just so for the ladies, let us make a similar list for the three greatest struggles facing women.More