What It Means to be Good Men

Maybe what it means to be good men is that we turn our back on the frivolous, unscrupulous naysayers and walk away from them. Tune them out. They’re not really listening anyway.More

Swiping Left on the Dating Scene

A Paul Washer sermon was recently sent to me on the topic of dating and marriage. I’m writing a book on marriage, so I was keen to give a listen and consider what he has to say. More

New Furniture for the Kiddos

If you ask me, there is something almost therapeutic about finding tangible ways to experiment with greater efficiency and work flow with how we engage our spaces and what we do in them.More

But Seek the Welfare of the City

What if God himself were to tell us the answer to our present troubles was building a nice house, planting a pleasant garden, taking a pretty wife, and having lots of children with her?More