Until the Other Comes and Examines Him

In Western civilization and American culture, the wisdom of Proverbs 18:17 is central to our understanding of free speech and due process, not to mention critical thinking skills.More

Wise in Our Own Eyes

Being wise in our own eyes is a dangerous thing, whatever form it takes – whether excessively severe with regards to disciplining the body, or else rabidly licentious.More

Be Not Overly Righteous

For years, Ecclesiastes 7:16 has puzzled me. I come back to it again and again. How can the wisest man who ever lived tell us to not be overly righteous or overly wise?More

Reviewing 2021 and Looking Forward to 2022

On the first day of the New Year, I finished copying notes on the year now past from Lauren’s and my Ink+Volt personal organizers. The finished Word document contains 11,008-words and is 29-pages long.More

Taking Counsel

We all have blindspots and limitations. That is why we should get advice. But that is also the exact reason why even the counsel of our individual advisors should be qualified. More

How To Disagree Agreeably

Disagreeing agreeably seems lost on most in our day and age. Even to use the word “argument” is taken as describing bickering, quarreling, and contention. More

Holding Back

The Lord is helping me to realize that curbing my own unnecessary and inappropriate irritation necessitates doing all I can about what is actually my part in all this. More