Afghanistan Reconquered by the Taliban

Afghanistan Reconquered by the Taliban The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

News reports this morning are that Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is surrounded. The Afghan government has announced it will oversee a peaceful transition of power. The Taliban for its part has issued a statement that everyone can stay home with no need to panic. All are forgiven for their complicity and cooperation with American and allied forces over the past two decades.

As reported by Paul Sacca at The Blaze, President Biden issued a statement while on vacation at Camp David that America will commit 5,000 U.S. military troops to evacuating American and allied personnel still in-country.

Not only was this outcome entirely foreseeable, it was foreseen, whatever the assurances a month ago that 100,000 Taliban fighters would absolutely not overrun 300,000 Afghan soldiers and police.

The Post-War on Terror Consensus

Our reasons for originally going into Afghanistan were valid and just, even if our efforts at nation-building were naïve, foolhardy, and doomed to fail from the start, at least along the lines they were pursued.

The reasons the ruling class in America and allied countries thought Afghanistan could become a moderate, Pro-Western democracy are the same reasons they opposed the populist policies of President Trump at-home in the U.S.A. 

The post-war consensus of secular, global values vastly underestimated the “Old Gods” as R.R. Reno calls them – loyalty to God, family, nation, and culture. Holding them in contempt as the cause of destructive conflicts like World War I and World War II, our betters around the globe thought they could create peaceful, prosperous, sustainable new political situations the world over by boiling us all down through various ways and means.

Their errant, self-indulgent, conceited ideas proved fictitious and unrealizable once again. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the 300,000 Afghani soldiers and cops surrendering without a fight show us that in a way all the hypothetical and theoretical arguments somehow fail to.

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