God Forbid Biden Represents America Much Longer

God Forbid Biden Represents America Much Longer The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

One week after the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, let us do a brief inventory of the fallout at home and abroad. Consider three facts from reports over the past few days.

1. Biden Not Only Gave Afghanistan Back to the Taliban; He Also Armed Them to the Tooth

Biden not only gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban. He also allowed them to take possession of our military bases, vehicles, communications equipment, small arms, and millions of rounds of ammunition in-country.

2. France is Lecturing America About the Need for Swift, Decisive Action

Biden is trying so hard to control the narrative, his administration is trying to censor the president of France.

  • The Blaze reports the White House is accused of removing from the transcript of Biden’s call with French President Macron a plea from the French leader that Biden share ‘moral responsibility’ for rescuing Afghanis

3. Hollywood and British Lords Roundly Condemn Biden for Bungling

Hollywood royalty and British Lords are coming down hard on Biden, and rightly so. For perhaps the first time in American history, British Parliament censured an American president.

How Will Our American Generation Be Remembered?

The blessing of representative government is that when we Americans are led by great men, we can walk tall on the world stage and in the annals of history.

The curse of representative government is that when we are led by ineffectual men whose best defense for catastrophic failure is cognitive decline, then also we are represented.

Confused, defiant, willful, stubborn, and dishonest – perhaps it is fitting that Biden is the so-called leader of the free world right now.

The humiliation is too much to be borne, unless this is God’s judgment on our nation. The wind has certainly been sown. Perhaps now we reap the whirlwind.

These facts and attendant realizations notwithstanding, I for one do still pray that the good Lord delivers us from evil and leads us not into temptation. And we should all together pray that God relieves us of this shame and humiliation – not because we deserve to be relieved, but according to his great mercy, lovingkindness, and forbearance.

In olden times, this would be the part where we as a nation put on sackcloth and ashes, fast and pray to the Almighty. This would be the part where we humble ourselves before the Lord and ask for restoration as we repent and turn away from our sin and folly. If we do not do so now because America just does not do such things anymore, I can only conclude that our forbears and ancestors were wiser than we are.

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