‘Your Twitter Account Has Been Locked’

My Twitter Account Has Been Locked The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

It’s now been almost two full days since I got the email informing me that Twitter had locked my account. But what, you may ask, was my violation?

“Violating our rules against illegal or certain regulated goods or services.”

A curious charge, given that the tweet they’re telling me to delete was my telling @chrisjollyhale “I say this with respect – what a retarded thing to say.”

And that for its part was in response to the subject of my tweet – Democrat congressional candidate Christopher Hale – having said “I say this with respect – Tennessee needs to remove and replace Marsha Blackburn.”

I’m still waiting on a response from Twitter to my second appeal, having gotten nothing back from the first one except a colon and assurances that a real-live person reviewed my incident and determined that I did in fact violate their Twitter rules, and I quote, “Specifically for…”

Cue the crickets, but read that for what it is. 

‘We just don’t like the cut of your jib.’

Molto Ritardando

My ship is flying the wrong colors, apparently. And I said a mean thing to someone on blue team, which they don’t take kindly to.

I know what some of you are thinking. ‘Retarded’ is not ever a nice word to use, regardless the circumstances or subject. And in hindsight there are several other synonyms which I admit would have been better substituted here.

‘Ignorant,’ for instance. Or perhaps I should have used the word ‘Ridiculous,’ or ‘Absurd.’

But now it’s the principle of the thing. The word I used literally fits the context, whereas the charge leveled against my use of the platform in no ways fits.

The word used is not why I got reported and locked out anyway. At issue for the Twitterverse is not the word I used but the temerity and gall I displayed in bluntly decrying a frivolous call for the censorship of a duly-elected Republican Senator for, of all things, asking President Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court to define what a woman is – because racism, of course.

(If you want more thoughts specifically on the subject of Senator Blackburn’s question to Ketanji Brown Jackson, you can find them in the last episode of this podcast here.)

Suffice to say for the purposes of the present that the question the Republican senator from Tennessee asked was an entirely relevant one – and no more motivated by racism than my response to the Democrat congressional candidate from Tennessee was motivated by disdain for people born with developmental disabilities.

The Left knows this, of course – whether Far, Middle, or Moderate. But it doesn’t matter. Their hold on power is at stake, and anything can be anything so long as it gives them license to silence their opposition, squashing any attempting to provide accountability and oversight to their increasingly unhinged and radical agenda.

I could of course delete the tweet in question and be back on the platform in no time. But what would the point of getting back on be with their arbitrary and non-sensical thought policing having been affirmed and endorsed in such a way?

Better, I should think, to leave the appeal in place and see whether they will answer the question of how the charge brought fits the alleged crime on my part.

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