Oh Hale No

Picking up where I left off in yesterday’s episode where I explained how it came to pass that my Twitter account was suspended, I was curious about who I had been crossing social media swords with prior to my current Twitter suspension.

A little digging and investigation seemed in order, then, and it turns out the same @chrisjollyhale I tweeted my offensive tweet to before being suspended actually ran for U.S. Congress as a Democrat for Tennessee’s 4th District in 2020.

Christopher Hale’s campaign website is curiously still up from 2020, but devoid of any specific references to when he is or was running – suggesting to my mind that he plans to run again in future.

But surveying Hale’s campaign website and Facebook page, he presents himself as a fairly moderate Democrat who loves American flags, shiny new pickup trucks, kissing babies, raising the minimum wage, praising public education, following the public health policy science, affirming President Biden’s recent SOTU address, and cheering on Ukraine – when not calling for the ousting of Senator Marsha Blackburn for asking Ketanji Brown Jackson what a woman is, of course.

The most curious thing to my mind is that Hale styles himself a pro-life Democrat – a rarity if ever there was one.

In all my years, I don’t know that I have ever either seen or heard of a pro-life Democrat before. But in this interview Hale did back in 2020, he points to allegations surrounding his Republican opponent – incumbent Scott DesJarlais, who has held the congressional seat since 2010 – having pressured both his ex-wife and mistress into getting abortions.

If those allegations regarding DesJarlais are true, they are indeed as scandalous as anything could be, and the Republican is complicit in murder, wholly unfit for office, and by no means pro-life.

Yet it is admittedly a puzzlement all the same to me how any self-professed Christian such as Christopher Hale could be pro-life and also both support Democrats and run as a Democrat. The Republican incumbent can be a hypocrite, sure enough. But so can his Democrat challenger. The two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

Of course, it is a truism that politicians lie. And there’s nothing remarkable or surprising there, regardless their political party.

All the same, I should like to ask Hale why it is he doesn’t just run as a Republican primary challenger for DesJarlais rather than as a Democrat. That would be more consistent given the two party platforms, particularly if Hale is indeed pro-life.

For that matter, how does a self-professing Christian publicly call for the ousting of a duly-elected Republican senator from his state over her asking the entirely relevant question of President Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court for the definition of a woman?

These things are incongruous and do not go together. They do not add up – just like my still ongoing suspension from Twitter and the alleged violation of that platform’s rules in relation to the offending tweet in question.

I can’t say whether Hale is the one who flagged my tweet in a fit. He seems a pleasant fellow, and that would be out of character. But he certainly is welcome to contact the folks at Twitter all the same and let them know how his strongly-held Christian values compel him to insist on basic inalienable rights for a countrymen.

Then again, such a move would be out of step with his calling for the replacement of Senator Blackburn. So I won’t hold my breath.

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