Episode 200

In celebration of the 200th episode of this podcast, I want to do a recap on what I have learned, am learning, and hope to continue on learning as we continue on this journey of talking about everything.

First things first, communication is hard, and there is more to it than just figuring out what you want to say because how we say things is a critically important part of what in the end people actually take away.

When I started out blogging in earnest in 2015, each piece of writing required read-through after read-through, with little tweaks and edits each run before it was ready to be published.

So also with podcasting, though in a different way, I listen back through each episode at least once before contentedness settles in that what has been said adequately represents my actual position.

All the same, things I don’t mean to be taken a certain way still make it through regardless. And such is life. That is the risk we all take when we communicate or do anything. The only thing for it is to keep on refining.

For now, then, here were the most popular episodes of the past 100.

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