Episode 300

As with the 100th and 200th episode, so also now with the 300th. Let’s recap the most popular content covered in the past one hundred episodes.

Some highlights as far as number of listens goes include the following.

Feel free to go back and listen to those episodes if you haven’t yet. But it seems to me as though a certain theme stands out in this batch. Work, freedom, disagreement, belief, wealth, self-defense, and domestic terrorism are especially on our minds these days. 

It is interesting to see on my end how much relative other things these topics are on our minds in recent months.

Committed to Growth

This podcast’s audience continues growing steadily month over month and season over season. The floor for how many listens each episode typically gets rises as we go on. And I celebrate that.

All the same, I remind myself that the goal is to produce high quality content first. And let the growth of this audience by number of listeners attend to itself. I should rather it be said that the audience is growing on an individual basis – wiser, more intentional, godlier, bolder, and more thoughtful and loving and gracious – than to merely entertain a lot of folks but give you nothing or near enough to nothing of substance.

Of course, it is possible to help you grow individually and also grow the number of the audience who is growing in heart, mind, body, and spirit. And ideally both will continue to happen in increasing measure as we continue. 

In any event, I want to sincerely thank all of you for listening. Your encouragement and attention are much appreciated. So again, as always, thank you for listening.

Until next time, God bless.

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