Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend 2021 caps off my first week back after quarantine for my wife’s positive COVID test. And I find myself pensive about nearly a decade in the Oil & Gas industry.More

Unpacking the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

The Colonial Pipeline – a critical piece of American infrastructure – has suffered the most significant cyberattack in our country’s history, and its being taken out of commission leaves the East Coast without a reliable and efficient supply of gasoline for the foreseeable future. Experts say the pipeline should be back online by the end…More

Bitcoin Mining and Bandwagons

My brother Bryce came over yesterday afternoon and traded me two 140mm computer fans for an RTX 2070 that had some child’s water inadvertently spilt on it. While he was here, he also set me up to mine Bitcoin on my RTX 3070 GPU.  So now I have run NiceHash all the past night, on…More