Episode 300

As I have with the 100th and 200th episode, so also now with the 300th – let’s recap the most popular content, and explore what has resonated and why I think it has more than the rest.More

To Men Whose Wives Are in Labor

You too have a struggle. So I will share my experience, and hopefully that sharing will help you to be as calm and helpful to your wife and child as you can be in these times.More

Restorative Conservatism

Any conservative resurgence which might succeed in this country or any other must first work at a restoration of these seminal convictions. All other ground is sinking sand.More

Et Tu, Ted Cruz?

With the utmost respect for the honorable senator from Texas, it was a poor use of language and tact to describe January 6 as a terrorist attack – even an attempted one.More

COVID Fear is the Mind Killer

As famed science fiction author Frank Herbert wrote in his epic series ‘Dune,’ “Fear is the mind-killer.” In other words, fear makes you stupid. And COVID panic has for two years made a great many of us very stupid. More

Reviewing 2021 and Looking Forward to 2022

On the first day of the New Year, I finished copying notes on the year now past from Lauren’s and my Ink+Volt personal organizers. The finished Word document contains 11,008-words and is 29-pages long.More