All The Books I Read This Past Year – Part II

Picking up where we left off in our last episode, the remaining 30 titles I finished in 2021 were as follows. From this list, hopefully you will draw some inspiration and ideas for your own reading list in the year ahead.More

All The Books I Read This Past Year – Part I

Perhaps in the course of this rundown you will get some inspiration to join me on Goodreads and set a reading goal for 2022. Or maybe you will just get some good ideas for titles you might be interested in reading, or not reading, in the year ahead.More

As The Year Draws to a Close

As 2021 draws to a close, my wife and I are listing the major events of the past year, striving to understand our lives better so as to be more intentional in the coming year. Making sense of it all can feel a bit like searching for needles in haystacks.More

Christmas and the Context of the Incarnation

Rather than bemoaning that this was hardly the best time to raise a child, Joseph and Mary saw the greatest fulfillment of their God-given potential as humble obedience to the perfect and holy will of the Most High. More