New Furniture for the Kiddos

If you ask me, there is something almost therapeutic about finding tangible ways to experiment with greater efficiency and work flow with how we engage our spaces and what we do in them.More

Wise in Our Own Eyes

Being wise in our own eyes is a dangerous thing, whatever form it takes – whether excessively severe with regards to disciplining the body, or else rabidly licentious.More

When All Men Speak Well Of You

Why does “support the ministry” always seem to be synonymous with fiduciary contributions? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that phrase used in relation to the non-fungible.More

Shaking Hands and Ki**ing Babies

Imagine yourself a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, where you and two others are solving word puzzles to win $10,000. I’ll play Pat Sajak, and read the clue for you as ‘Democrats.’More

Oh Hale No

It turns out the same @chrisjollyhale I tweeted my offensive tweet to before being suspended actually ran for U.S. Congress as a Democrat for Tennessee’s 4th District in 2020. More