Wokism and Modern Day Judaizers

Our modern-day Judaizers are this new brand of Woke Christian insisting that embracing Leftist ideology is the “works” when “faith without works is dead.”More

The Breath of God

When my wife lost her sense of taste and smell, I did not deliver this sermon as planned. Hopefully there will still be an opportunity in the future to do so with the other men in that class. More

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Don’t try this at home, kids. But it all ends up happy in the end when the whole lot take their vows. And I think we could all learn a thing or two here about good manners.More

Regarding J.D. Hall as a Mad Dog

When the guard dog either cannot or will not distinguish between the wolves and the sheep, and might as soon bite your guests and family as defend them from the wolves, that sort of guard dog is more of a liability than an asset. More