Children of Men and Conspiracy Theories

Ambivalent indifference or subversive machinations where common folk having and raising children is concerned motivate the drivers and pushers of novel COVID vaccines despite the risks of infertility inherent to the vaccines. More

Understanding the Coming Christian Persecution

Perhaps if we were trying to serve as missionaries in North Korea or China or the Middle East, we could expect to be arrested, beaten, or put to death just for sharing the gospel. But here in the United States?More

Bring Back the Warrior Poet

But how do we go about cultivating again the warrior poets of old? No meathead mercenaries for us – we need men of conviction, intelligence, creativity, and passion waging our wars. More

And This Is Why We Got Married pt. 3

Women need love, and men need respect. And since we have these commands, we can assume that with God’s help men are capable of loving their wives and women are capable of respecting their husbands. More